Saturday, May 4, 2013

Guest Post by Eva Stephen

I received an email a few weeks ago from Eva Stephen asking if she could guest post on my blog.  That's a first for me, so I was really excited! 

 I just wanted to tell her thank you and I hope you enjoy her wonderful ideas! 


Surprise Your Family with an Impromptu Home Redecoration
women, need occasional change when it comes to their physical appearance. A haircut or new shoes/outfit is usually enough to keep them happy for a while.

Similarly, we get bored with exactly the same furniture and home decoration for a very long time. Little changes need to be made inside our living space, to bring on a feeling of freshness and dynamic action.
Fresh "New" Home as a Unique Gift
The trouble with redecoration for many people is that it costs money and that thereís a lot of work involved; theyíd rather spend their free time doing something more pleasurable. That is why coming home to an already ìfixedî place is one of those very nice surprises that remind you of how much you love your thoughtful partner.

If you want to be that loving partner, good news is that you can make this surprise endeavor both fun and budget-friendly. There are many seemingly small, but in reality very noticeable things you can change around the house during one day, while your partner is at work:

  • Repaint one side of the wall using some unusual colour.
  • Give a little makeover to a nightstand, table or chairs to make them look vintage. Alicia of Thrifty and Chic shares a good tutorial to make new table to look vintage using paint. Must give it a visit.
  • Make an interesting DIY art for the walls. Youíll definitely like these easy DIY wall art ideas.

  • Simply move furniture around to create more or less space, depending on what you like better.
  • Shop for interesting furniture at shop4furniture website to complement your collection of dining or living room pieces.
  • Freshen up your home with cute items bought at a yard sale.
  • Make new, cheerful pillows for the living room sofa that will match new lively curtains.
  • Reupholster an armchair using interestingly patterned fabric: animal-print, a daring colour like fuchsia, trendily old-fashioned flowered design, etc. Must see how Brooke of All things thrifty shares a DIY project to reupholster a chair.
  • Add mirrors around the house: in the hallway, in a dining room, in your bedroom.
  • Etc.
Little Things Make a Big Difference
The list can go on forever, but letís focus on a few ideas that are quite easy and can really revamp your home.
Try to add a single detail that will completely change the appearance of your room. For example, if you have blue curtains, get a matching bed cover to complement it and give some new balance to your surroundings. I liked the sheer curtains range at Curtainshop. I feel they are perfect for summer allowing fresh air to come in.

Bedroom is a great place to add some romance in the form of wall text (either painted by you or using wall decals), candles or mirrors at unusual places. If you are going for wall text, make it a line only you two are familiar with, or a lyric from your favorite song.
Ideas for Stylish Redecoration on a Budget
Do a lamp make-over:

If you have many books lying around the house, put them to good use. Make shelves out of books, or pile up heavy big ones to create a cute little side table where you can put coffee or any light objects.
Green up your home. Youíll be surprised how much nature can enliven our home. You can place any garden branches, flowers and plants in unusually shaped bowls, bottles, even light bulbs, or just place branches anywhere, up against a wall or on a shelf.
If you donít have any creative ideas and you think youíre not up to redecorating, simply cleaning your house will do. Remove pieces that only clutter your home and make your floors, tables and other surfaces shine. A thorough cleaning can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of our home.


Thanks again Eva!  


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