Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ania's Desk

My 8 year old daughter informed me at the beginning of the school year that she would need a desk for her room to do her homework at.   

Ok, sweetie. ;)

The problem was her room is small (we have a 1.5 story so the ceilings are slanted making very little wall space to put furniture on).  I've been searching for a smaller desk that would fit in the space next to her bed.  A friend (who I am eternally indebted to for her business and furniture prowess) told me of a small desk on CL and she happened to be going through the town it was located in.  Score!

It's a little pine desk, but it's perfect for the space we have.  When Ania saw this dresser I just did she told me she would like her desk to be like that.  It's actually the perfect color for her room.  My friend dropped it off today around 10:30 and in the midst of doing two other projects I decided I would surprise Ania with it after school.  So, I busted my bum and got it done (along with both other projects!) .
She was so excited! :)  She even asked me to make up a homework sheet for her so she could sit at her new desk! lol


You can't tell but it had a truly horrible shellac job!


I thought it turned out really cute and she loves it!

 She asked me to leave the "to do list" on the top for her so she could accomplish them. ;)

 Of course, she wanted the same knobs because who wouldn't??!!

 I did the top of the stool in chalkboard paint too because I thought it would be fun and she says, "But, I don't walk chalk on my bum!"  Good point.  I told her to just not write on it if she's going to sit on it. ;)

Cute legs.

Now maybe we won't hear any complaining about doing homework....for a few days anyway! :)



  1. That is adorable! I love the shape too. I'm not surprised your little girl loves it :)

  2. I love the turquoise!!! It turned out so cute!


  3. Oh Lisa, your daughter's desk is beautiful! I love the shape of it.

  4. Love the color and the way the it turned out! :)


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