Friday, September 27, 2013

Updated 80's dresser set

Another quick post. 

A friend found this oak set on CL for a good price.  It's solid and has beautiful detailing and I was so happy to give it an update (you know how I feel about oak, right??). ;)



Sorry, this is a terrible garage shot, but it was way too HEAVY for me to drag around to stage! You get the idea though. :)  It has a beautiful carved mirror that goes on top, too, and I'm hoping she'll send me a pic of it up in her room. 

*This one made me cry.  I finished it on Tuesday and put a sheet over it to protect it.  When I lifted the sheet off this afternoon to take pics (45 min before they were coming to pick it up) there were huge gouges out of the paint (probably from when I set the mirror on it, with the sheet on, a day after it was painted).  Moral of the story.  Wait for the paint to cure before putting heavy objects on your furniture! :)

 This is the other piece that was a little more manageable. 


I was happy to get it out of my garage and she was happy to get it into her bedroom, so win win!!

I'm done for the weekend! 


  1. Great looking pieces, Lisa! Well, now they are, not the "before" look. : ) I wish I had your energy.

  2. I love the details! They turned out beautifully. :)


  3. I do really like these pieces! You have done a lovely job without an excess of work.
    My first dresser, called 'Hal', required a re-do on the top because i didn't cure the waxed graphite for three week. The second time I did cure long enough, and I still plan to poly it. I was going to sell it, but it knows it belongs in my hearth room, where it hold table linens. I'm rather glad that the next piece up has a glass top.......some real protection for the paintwork.

  4. Wonderful job! What paint/paint color did you use, if you don't mind me asking?

  5. These are such interesting pieces! I love what you did to them!


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