Monday, September 9, 2013

Before & Afters {parade of black}

Does anyone else feel like Monday should be renamed  can't-get-squat-done day??  Feel like I've been running all over and haven't gotten anything accomplished and the things I did accomplish were twice as hard as they should have been! 

Anyhoo! :)

Last week was one of those weeks where I got a lot done, but not very many pics to show for it. :)  I was waiting on knobs so didn't post pics of some of the things I finished and then they were picked up (knobs to be put on by clients) and things have been moving in and out very quickly (good for me and my garage space, but not so great for blog posts!).

Here are a few small custom pieces I did.  I know they don't make for a very exciting post but their owners were happy!  Even after the last 2 years I am still surprised how paint has the power to transform!  Outdated oak and pine can become fabulous again!

                      Befores                                                                                                      Afters



The armoire is awaiting knobs and baskets for the inside because it's being repurposed as a craft cabinet! 

I have an empire dresser I finished as well, but I think I'll give it its own post!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Totally feeling that first paragraph friend!! That about sums up my Monday!! Great always!! Hugs!! :)

  2. Awesome- I looooove black furniture and you do SUCH a great job of it!

  3. They are all beautiful pieces, Lisa! I love using black {and white}, too, on furniture makeovers. I think it makes such a difference to the look of the piece. I'm jealous you got so much done last week! My hubby took a vacation week and I got nothing done as far as projects. My Monday sounds about like yours today, plus add in no energy to actually get started on anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day for me.

  4. Oh.....LOVE!!!! I never get tired of black furniture, and you have distressed them just the perfect little bit!!



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