Thursday, September 12, 2013

Black Empire Dresser

This is the original dresser I went to pick up where I also found this one and this one.  I have a hard time passing up an empire! 

 I already had a vision of what I wanted when I picked it up.  Almost as soon as I got it home I prepped it (sanded it all down and stained the top dark) and had it sitting on my driveway.  I had a client (can I just say I  love meeting new people!  She is awesome and I probably never would have met her had it not been for furniture!) stop by to drop off (or pick up, can't remember now!) a few other pieces and she saw this one sitting there.  She asked if she could have it, and I said "Sure!"  But, then had to ask the inevitable question-"What do you want done with it?" The whole while dreading in my heart because I knew I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted.  :(  She said, "Black." Double :( :(.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out!  It's such a stately piece and perfect for the TV stand she's going to use it as.  It fits so well in her home!  Hubby said it looks better black anyway. lol

And, happy ending because I found another dresser almost immediately that I'm going to do what I had intended for this one. :)



Oh yeah!  It's a beaut!!

 Such a great top and it looks great with her dark floors.

 These cruddy pics don't do it justice either!  Wonder if that's a finger print, a rain drop, or spit on the lens?? ;)

So, so happy it's got a new home already!!

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  1. What a beautiful piece, you did a GREAT job with it! :)
    -Kayla @

  2. I love empire dressers! And the stained top on that looks gorgeous, so glad it was left unpainted :)

  3. Yes indeed, it is a beauty! The wood top is perfectly showcased by the gorgeous black base. I am sure who ever brought her home is totally delighted.
    You have done a fine job on it.

  4. Oooooh, another beauty Lisa! It's gorgeous in black with the stained top. I envy the lucky person who is getting this.

  5. I love it, Lisa! It does look good in black, but now I'm curious as to what you had envisioned for it. I hope to see on the next one you do. : )

  6. It came out amazing!! I laughed when I read this post about her choosing black.I have the same thing going on over here....ridiculously beautiful bombe french provincial with all these beautiful carvings. She wants glossy black and I really, really want to do it my way which of course would not be black. I almost want to tell her I changed my mind about selling it, ugh!!

  7. Its fantastic. I have at least 4 pieces that I can think of in my house that I've been toying with the idea of painting ... I just can't figure out which color. Black is a color I've considered for my kitchen island... the buffet in my kitchen... but I can't commit because I'd really like to brighten up my kitchen. So possibly the antique dresser in the someday-will-be guestroom. I'm considering a flat finish and maybe more of a charcoal with some lighter highlights brushed over the top. When I do finally commit to it I will do a post. I enjoyed yours, great job.
    Michelle Jamieson /

  8. This is Gorgeous! LOVE the stained top and its very Pottery Barn,Great job SERIOUSLY!!!!

  9. So pretty!! I love the empire too. And that top! Wow. great job. What kind of black paint did you use?? It's so smooth.

  10. Really pretty! The top is beautiful.

  11. Did you use chalk paint. I love the black color and the sheen/finish is gorgeous!

  12. This looks great! Thanks for linking up to The DIY'ers!

  13. What a beautiful piece!! Please come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase, a party I co-host! It's open now!


  14. This dresser looks flawless! What type of paint and sealant did you use? I love painting furniture looks so regal :))

  15. Great paint job! It looks flawless? Did you spray it?

  16. Oh my! I am totally smitten. I ♥ empire dressers but they are so hard to find around lucky thing! Thanks for sharing this at ITS PARTY TIME. I'll be featuring this on Sunday plus I shared via G+. xoxo

  17. Wow, that's perfect! Love the way the wood top works with the black. And the hardware is a winner too!

  18. So gorgeous! Love your black beauty... featuring it in this week's Power of Paint Party Spotlight.


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