Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bookcase in GF Basil

This is the final bookcase from the set of 3 I finished this week.
Roxanne from The Rustic Shed was nice enough to let me do what I wanted with this one.  The first was finished in Linen from General Finishes, the second in stock black from Sherwin Williams, and this one is done in Basil and Linen from GF.  

I've never been able to do the same piece of furniture 3 different ways before and had so much fun with it!  I  normally try to picture a piece in several colors before deciding and doing these made those visions come to life!


*This one actually did not have the drawers in the bottom.  I believe it was probably the middle piece in the set as they were all attached at one time. 


I do believe this is my favorite one of all three.  It's a little less formal and so my style. :)

 I decided to pick out the details in Linen and then distress to let the Basil peek through. 

 Normally I don't like "buttons" on furniture, but I did like these.  Thought they just added a little something. 

And here it is from beginning to end! 


  1. I think the basil is my favorite color, too. These are just charming. I bet she loved them. :)

  2. If I had to choose, I would take the black one...I like the distressing, it's timeless, much like the linen one, but the black one is a bit more unexpected. Nice that you had 3 to try!

  3. I can't believe how different (and beautiful) they all look! I can't pick. Good thing I don't have to. :P



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