Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bookcase in Linen

Hello!  I'm still alive! :)

My client, and I'm happy to say, new friend, brought me 3 of these pine bookcases.  They're pretty blah, but I thought they had so much potential!  Cute details and a nice shape.  

I just recently started using General Finishes milk paint line (which is an acrylic not a true milk paint) and absolutely love it.  It has great adherence and levels so nicely.  I've used Tuscan Red and knew there were more yummy colors out there to choose from.  I was lucky enough to find a retailer within 45 minutes from me and picked up a can of Linen and Basil Green.  

My friend owns the cutest little store in Bonduel, WI called The Rustic Shed and these bookshelves are going to be for sale (and used to display all of her wonderful merchandise) so she wanted to keep them fairly neutral.  I thought Linen would be perfect. 



I love how soft and pretty this one is now.  Linen is more of a light beige than a cream.  It's not yellowy or pinky, so it's the perfect neutral.

 Aren't these drawer fronts adorable?  And I'm crushing on these knobs, too!  So pretty!

Here's a better pic of the bottom.  I'm of the opinion that a cup pull can update any piece of furniture, so I happen to be minorly (if that's not a word, it is now!) obsessed with them.  This piece has definitely come a long way since the 80's!

I didn't tell her that I want to keep this for myself....yet. :)


  1. OH. MY. Golly. Lisa, you did it yet again - this is incredible! I LOOOOVE it!

  2. Gorgeous! I too am a huge fan of GF paints. Noticing the silver detailing on the drawer leads me to a question for an expert like you. I am doing a custom order - its a toilet seat! - for a client who has requested silver detailing. Of course I will be finishing teh lid/seat with a couple hundred coats of polyacrylic and am concerned that will turn the silver to gray. Any experience/suggestions? TIA

  3. You always amaze me! Totally dated to so fresh and cute!!

  4. So cute! I love those drawers....they look so happy! :)


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