Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bookcase update part II

This is round II of project bookcase makeover this week.

Many times when I get a piece of furniture I can see it in more than one color and have to make a choice.  I always wonder what it would look like if I had chosen the "other" color.  Well, this time I have 3 to work with so I do get to see it the other way! :)  

Roxanne, at The Rustic Shed, did want to keep these pieces neutral because she is selling them at her store (which is fabulous, btw).  So, the first we did in Linen and the second in black.  You can see them together at the end of the post.

*pssst, she agreed to let me do the third in Basil, so be watching for that one too! :)



Here are the two together.  Preference?


  1. I usually like white, but that black is just beautiful!

  2. This is so funny because any time I have a matching set (usually tables) I paint them the same, even though they never sell together. I really should do it like you did--different colors.

    It is hard to pick which one I like better though.They are both gorgeous, but I think the details pop more on the white. Let us know which one sells first!

  3. Ebony....and I-I-Ivory! I don't think I could choose. :)


  4. I think I like the black one a little more but it is hard to choose. I can hardly wait to see basil! :)

  5. Lisa I love both of these pieces. Can't wait to see the 3rd.

  6. Love, love it in black but do like it in linen,,,lucky you to be able to see it in three colors!

  7. Oh my gosh, you are just killing me with your unbelievable talent! No way to choose, take them both, please.....and the next one is GREEN? Oh be still my pounding heart! WHOOT!!!!!!

  8. Wow! This makes me incredibly excited to see the basil one as these are both incredible! Amazing how much style the paint brought out (and all of your hard work and attention to detail obviously) :)

  9. I really like them both but my favorite is the black one. This is my first visit to your blog but I can't wait to see the basil version.

  10. After looking in your ' How I paint' to see what product you are using, I am still unsure what paint you used here. Is it not a chalk paint?

    1. Karen, these were done in latex, not chalk paint. I hardly ever use chalk paint. :)

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