Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Desk in Drizzle

I laughed when my client dropped this desk off and told me it was ok if I couldn't do anything with it because it's a piece of crap.  It's actually not!  It looks a little dated and rough, but it is solid and sturdy, so it's workable!

It's going in the same room as the dresser and nightstand I recently finished. There's not much detail to it, so I decided to do the door white to give it some definition and to help the hardware really stand out. 



Much better! 

There was nothing special about it before, but now it's a cutie pie.  She'll fit right in with the rest of the set. 

This hardware just adds something fun to this simple desk.  Definitely the stand out feature.  They say good things come in threes and they weren't lying! "

Sometimes I think I like my staging props more than the actual furniture. ;)

Here are all the pieces together (besides the bed, it was just too awkward to take pics of).
I love how it turned out and so does she so we're good to go! 


  1. What a beautiful set. Love the color choices. And those knobs! YES!

  2. Lisa the set keeps getting better. I love those knobs!! I'd love for you to share this my Project Pin-it link party!!

  3. LOL too much, I missed too many of your amazing transformations, I am in awe at every post.

    Well done, Lisa!!!!!

  4. I LOVE all these pieces together...but that dresser....WOW! :)



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