Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage Waterfall Chest in Linen

One of my most favorite things about refinishing furniture is doing family pieces.  My client told me this vintage chest belonged to her mother. Her mother almost threw it out, but she convinced her to keep it.  Her mother passed away and she thought the cedar chest was gone.  She said she found it again, by accident, and wanted to have it refinished to remember her mother by.  What an honor for me! 

We discussed what she wanted and decided the front needed a little something and we both hated the blond wood.  So, we brainstormed and came up with a plan for a brand new look! :)



Yes, it really is the same piece!! :)

I sanded down the front panel, same as the top, being careful not to sand through the extremely thin veneer.  I then stained it with Java Gel, two coats, from General Finishes.  We both thought the front needed a little extra something and I suggested an applique.  I love the creamy white against the dark wood. 

The rest of the chest was painted in Linen from General Finishes. 
 It is my most popular color now! 

I also refinished the top the same as the front panel. 

It truly is amazing what paint can do! 


  1. It's unbelievable that it is the same piece - wow. What an amazing transformation. I bet she LOVED it!

  2. Her mother would never recognize it--LOL! Gorgeous!! :)

  3. it's lovely, well done Lisa. Your client will love it!

  4. Absolutely unbelievably stunning! I know it will be treasured for years to come now!!

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  6. Beautiful! You have been on my mind all day so it was fitting to see this post. You are simply the best!

    1. I've been on your mind all day? Thank you for the kind words. You're very sweet. :)

  7. Oh how fun to see this! I have the exact same cedar chest that had belonged to my Mother. It's so scratched and ugly it's been stashed in a storage closet for years. I can't wait now to pull it out and get to work on it. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Your work is so beautiful and your creativity is perfect. Thanks for sharing with us.


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