Thursday, January 29, 2015

Oak Hutch in Linen

I absolutely love a refinished hutch.  There are just endless possibilities with them.  So, don't ask me why I don't buy them very often.  Maybe it's the idea of how much work they are or how much space they take up, or that they're kind of a pain to haul around.  I'm not really sure to be honest with you. 

So, I was happy when Roxanne from The Rustic Shed asked me to refinish this one for her amazing little store (cuz her amazing hubby brings it right to my door, and he saved me from near death and crushing my grandfather clock, too).   Seriously, if you are in the area you must check it out! She has a great eye and a lovely, rustic style.  I always love working with her, too.  She is one of the sweetest gals I know.

She asked me what I thought about doing with it.  I know she likes more neutral colors (they sell better) and gave me the direction of "maybe something lighter".  Well, you know my new go-to color is Linen from General Finishes.  It's a color that borders between cream and beige and it's so versatile!



I wasn't a huge fan of the leaded glass at first, but after putting it all together (and with a little affirmation from Roxanne), I decided I liked how it tied the top in with the bottom (total and complete coincidence, btw).  It looks so much better with the linen than it did with the oak. 

I decoupaged paper on the door fronts, then sanded them with 220 around the edges, sealed with Modge Podge, stained with Provence from Minwax, and sealed again  with poly. Phew! 

Yep, this is my favorite part!  Love, love, love the hardware!

I sanded the top down, did two coats of Java Gel (I usually do two coats on Oak and Maple because they are hardwoods and don't take the stain as well, meaning they don't get as dark as mahogany or cherry). I finished it with 3 coats of Varathane in Satin. 

I just wanted to tell all of you how much I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog and to take a looksie at my projects! :)


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