Monday, January 12, 2015

Dresser Redo in Drizzle

I refinished this cute little night stand for a client last week.  She said she used it during her childhood and her mother let her paint it when she was in HS.  I'm sorry I already deleted it (you can find the before pic on my FB page though).  She wants to use it as part of a set for her daughter's room.  It's so stinking adorable.  I was excited to move on to the rest of the "set".  When I say "set" it's not a true set.  None of the pieces actually go together, but we can make them feel like they do! 

That's one of my favorite things about paint, being able to bring pieces together to feel cohesive in a room.  



This is the dresser my client found at a garage sale, I believe.  (My memory is definitely not what it used to be.)  I also think she said it was free!  What?!  Can't beat that, especially when you see the after! It's made of MDF but is still in excellent condition, very sturdy (nicely made MDF furniture usually is).


A fresh, new color and new hardware bring it up to date.  So perfect! 

 You already know how I feel about cup pulls, and this is exactly why!  They are an instant fast forward button for a piece of dated furniture.  These were originally antique brass so I primed them and gave them a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

The question I am most frequently asked is what kind of paint I use.  I've dabbled in it all, but my go-to paint is Pro Classic from Sherwin Williams.  It levels nicely and has good adhesion, and is easily available to me! :)  It gives such a beautiful finish. 


 The top of this dresser was also MDF and was worn through in a couple of spots.  I just gave it a nice sanding with 150, primed, and painted.  You'd never know. 

Love the simple detailing and just distressed a little heavier along it to help it pop. 

Here she is with the night stand.  The bed and desk are coming up. 


  1. What amazing makeovers. The colors are perfect!
    I think this way of making a set is better--the colors may be the same, but it doesn't feel so matchie matchie since the pieces are different.

  2. Beautiful painting! I'm in love with the flower pulls! Will you reveal your source? Thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh am I ever sad that I gave away my old bedroom furniture!!! We had repainted it, but never took the extra step to change out the hardware. Amazing!

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