Thursday, October 11, 2012

White Empire Dresser

This dresser was in an old family cabin on the lake that was going to be demolished.  They were selling a few pieces that were left and I got first dibs. :)  I loved the shape and it was in beautiful condition.  It had this....ummmm....ghastly interesting faux tiger wood finish.  It made my eyes hurt to look at it for too long--like staring at tiny polka dots or zebra stripes.  Anyway....  :)



Much better!  I absolutely love the clean, soft look she has now.  Perfect for the little girl it's going to!

I loved these knobs with the bubbles in them!  So cute.  And, of course, the crystal pink flowers!

Check out her subtle but gorgeous curves. 

 This is my adieu to summer and warm days... :(  (Loving fall, but I also know winter is right around the corner!  Boo!)


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