Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Antique Chest of Drawers

This is the final piece (here's the bed and the vanity) of the set I bought last week.  In this post I mentioned how I've been waiting for a stacked chest of drawers for so long and then I found two within weeks of each other!  I loved being able to do all of these pieces differently to see how they would look.  I love them all (but the teal is still my fav!).

Just a little side note:
I get a few comments, every now and then, about painting wood (especially if it's considered "nice wood").  This piece had lovely mahogany veneers, but none of the details really stood out, even with the different color woods. Painting and distressing has such a way of bringing out all those lovely details.  You don't "ruin" a piece of furniture by painting it (it can always be stripped).  This piece went from something that wasn't wanted anymore to something that would look lovely in any room!

I know, I  know.  If you're a wood lover I didn't change your mind ;), but just had to put my opinion out there!



It's funny because the first chest I had I asked on my FB page what color I should do and white won out.  I ended up doing it a khaki green and thought it looked so good.  But, secretly, I wanted to do white.  :)  So, I was glad that's what my client wanted for this one.  She also wanted it glazed.  Antiquing white is hard for me (it's so hard to slather brown stuff over that new, creamy white paint! AND because I'm a little bit of HuGe perfectionist and glazing is so imperfect), but I sucked it up and got it done! :)

I'm actually really glad we kept this one traditional.  The white, the glazing, and keeping the original hardware just fit this piece so well. 

Beautiful mahogany top and middle section.  Soooo pretty!!  

These details are just killer.  Love how they pop with the dark edges against the white. 

She's a beauty for sure!

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  1. So pretty! This piece looks so much better painted than just it's plain wood self. And i love that you stained the top - pairs so well with the finish :)

  2. Another beautiful piece, Lisa! Love the white. Looking at the before picture, it really looked like nothing special and a tired nothing special at that. I think you really give your pieces new life when you paint them. The only time I might not consider painting a piece that I find is if the wood is in really good condition and you can tell it was cared for. Half the time the pieces I get have already been painted or the only way to get them to look good is to paint them.

  3. It looks amazing! I cannot use glaze on light colors for my life--you did it perfectly! It is so funny that people comment about painting the wood! I say they ruined their comment by being rude.

  4. WOW! Beautiful! I love this piece! Great job! Thanks for linking up with us at Wonderful Wednesdays!

  5. Gorgeous!!! I agree 100% about painting old furniture. What kills me is the people that follow my blog or facebook (knowing that I paint furniture) and make a stink when I paint a really old piece. I just want to scream, "You know what I do, right"? Sometimes I even want to ask why they follow.....oh well. Thanks for listening to my rant but I so completely get where you are coming from.
    These pieces you have been getting lately are amazing!!!!

  6. Oh My!!! I love it! Just found your blog today through Sir Thrift A Lot. I'm going to love looking through!! ~~Pam

  7. Well said Lisa re: painting wood! This stacking dresser is a testament to that - painting it and distressing around all the details brought it back to life again. Well done!

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. Something about the finish reminds me of milk glass, just perfect. I would want to keep this one! ;) Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable

  9. Absolutely WOW! You are so talented. Where do you find such beautiful treasures? Pinned this--it's the least I can do since it's already been spoken for!

  10. Ironic, isn't it? Paint-haters following painters? I always love your results. You are so correct! The paint you use can be stripped so easily it's almost a joke for someone who might want to "restore" an unremarkable piece. I'll bet you don't see them out there doing Paint Rescue Runs. Sorry. Stop me. Beautiful piece!

  11. OMG. love it. Absolutely must aspire to this. Linda

  12. THANK YOU!! I cannot, for the life of me, get my head around glazing/dark waxing...and it's not for lack of effort or skill, I might add. I just really hate the way it looks - it must be because I'm also a perfectionist, and I think that glazing makes pieces look dirty and irregular (I know, I know ,that's the point...). Gah! Can't stand it!! I also saw your post on the Peacock vanity you did - it's gorgeous! I have yet to try actual STAIN (and mineral spirits) on paint, but I'd like to try it. Thanks for the tip!

  13. That's gorgeous!! Love the stained top and middle. :)

  14. Love you stained/painted piece. I have to laugh at you about painting wood. I work on my pieces in a refinishing studio workshop, and I'm waiting for the others to burn me at the stake. I don't paint everything. My criteria, would my family toss this in the dumpster if it was painted or stained and refinished. If the answer is they'd probably throw it in the dumpster either way, I do what I want to.

  15. Really beautiful, as always! And great details on this piece! You know how I feel about painting wood - just giving it a new lease on life and an opportunity to be loved again!

  16. Can I please take this home? I love it!

  17. It's gorgeous, i just started following your blog which is AWESOME... including all of your beautiful work. Is this a chalk painted piece or latex? I love all the detail and the white brings it back to life....totally inspired!

  18. Wow, did this one ever turn out lovely. It has got to be one of my favorite dressers that I've seen done. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Love it! I'm going to have to feature you again tomorrow on Friday's Five Features!

  20. Just found your blog and love all of your pieces. However, when I saw this makeover I just had to comment.......I love it!! I think it is one of my all-time fave pieces I've seen. A few years ago hubs and I gave up the burbs for a very old Federal farmhouse in the country. I've become a vintage Etsy seller and furniture makeover amateur to fill all the empty rooms. I love the before and after pics bloggers such as yourself share with us.....I know it takes time trying to get good lighting and complimenting angles :) It's especially nice when folks such as yourself share some of the how-to as well. You're on my favorite blog list and I look forward to all of your future inspirations.

    Forgive me if you've mentioned this in an earlier post, but where do you sell your pieces that aren't custom jobs? I know one day my rooms will start looking like a hoarder's paradise and I'll will need to part with some of my "babies."

    Thank you again for sharing :)

    Tamms in Ohio farm country


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