Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Simple Can Be Beautiful

This dresser and I have a little bit of history.  Last year I saw it on CL and called the man that had it listed. He said it had been on there for a while, but he had decided he wasn't quite ready to sell it, so he declined my offer.  I was a little disappointed but didn't think much of it.  About a month ago I saw it on CL again, so I called about it again.  The man told me he was finally ready to part with it.  He said it had belonged to his mother and she had passed away recently and he was settling the estate.  His sisters had pretty much taken everything else (with no say from him) and this is what he had left.  He had no place for it though, and so it needed a new home.  It was a sad story and I felt a little guilty walking away with it, but I knew it would get a new life.

Fast forward--the nice woman who bought this from me is using it for her little girl.  I just think it's so wonderful that it's getting to start all over with a new family (hopefully to be used for many more years!).



She wanted a simple white and I think it's perfect for this piece.  Very soft and feminine.  Not too fussy.

 It's got just a slight bow to the front which I love.

 And these great details.

 We also left the original hardware.  Isn't it awesome?!

 Still love my little owl and my hydrangeas have dried now. :)

It's got a matching mirror that's not quite done yet.  The woman who bought it is actually a professional photographer and she promised me shots when it's in its new home! Yea! :)


  1. Just beautiful! And I always think that furniture should be loved and used, rather than stored away just for sentimental reasons. I'm sure it was hard for the gentleman to part with it, But now it will have a whole new life. What could be better!

  2. Great piece, Lisa! I love that hardware. The white looks perfect, especially for a girl's room. I love the keyholes in the drawers, too.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous detailing and I am such a sucker for good, vintage and antique hardware!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three


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