Wednesday, October 30, 2013

70's Dresser Update

This is one piece from another set I picked up last week and it is straight from the 70's!  It's a Bassett, so it's a really nice piece, but it was so outdated!  With all those details I didn't want it to look too busy, so I opted for a solid color and little distressing.  I think black suits it well!


I'm sad I didn't get to stage this one, but I was in a hurry!


Wouldn't this make a gorgeous buffet?!!

I'm sure I've mentioned before how I hate taking pics of black (maybe once or twice??).  So much richer looking in person, but what's a gal with a digital camera gonna do? ;)

 This top is smooooth!


  1. Talk about FABULOUS !!!! I love it . Reminds me of pottery barn furniture. YOU did an amazing job my friend .

  2. It's beautiful... and even though black can be tough to photograph, I think your pics turned out well...doesn't look blotchy (like mine always do!).

  3. Looks awesome! You know, I hate taking pictures of black pieces never captures the beauty.

  4. What a smooth finish. Beautiful. Love your vanity by the way. I was in the process of finishing up mine when I saw yours and regretted not staining the top on mine after all the work I did in stripping it. Your work is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us. My vanity can be seen at If your interested in stopping by.


  5. Love how it turned out! How do you get it to look so smooth?

  6. That is one fabulous piece of furniture to paint - love what you did with it Lisa!

  7. That is amazing! It's so, sorry but, ugly in its original state and now with the black, it's almost regal! It kind of has a European, medieval look to it - nice save! Hugs, Leena

  8. I was so inspired by your beautiful pieces! I stopped at a yard sale today and bought a chair that needs to be reupholstered. Now to find a blog that gives instructions for that. So excited...thanks, you have inspired me to create!


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