Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ode to Fall: Dresser in Tricycle

I'm not much of a seasonal decorator.  In fact, if it weren't for the cute pouty face of my almost 10 year old daughter I probably would do no seasonal decorating.  I know.  I'm a stooge.  The thought of getting it all out and then having to put it all away gives me anxiety.  I am no different when it comes to painting really.  I paint whatever color whenever I want to. 
That being said, my client wanted this dresser red and it's perfect timing for fall.  So, consider this my Ode To Fall!! :)
The dresser was in good shape so it didn't need a lot of prep work.  She wanted me to use MMS milk paint in Tricycle.  I don't work with milk paint a lot, but I know it kind of has a mind of its own.  Not a good thing for a perfectionist with a touch of OCD such as myself.  She wanted it chippy and I was actually afraid it wasn't going to be chippy enough.  The finish was very flaky so I ended up sanding the whole thing down with 150 grit.  That sounds like a lot of work, but it really wasn't.  The finish was so old it came right off.  I know milk paint bonds really well to bare wood so I ended up staining the drawer fronts dark and then giving them two coats of poly so the paint wouldn't bond as well.  It actually worked really well and I love the texture of the paint. 
We need to talk about that.  Like I said, I'm a perfectionist and I've prided myself on my finish.  I like it smooooth and even.  Well, that is not the nature of milk paint so I had to put all of that aside and just go with it.  The finish is still smooth, but milk paint flakes and chips and there's a lot of depth to the paint (meaning there's a lot of variation in the color).  I took a few close ups so you could see what I mean if you aren't familiar with milk paint. 
I also chose to use hemp oil instead of poly (sorry ladies, you may stone me, but wax is just too much work for this gal) to really deepen the color of the paint.  It really makes the color come alive.  Love that!
I've shown you my ugly garage so many times it doesn't even bother me anymore! :)


I'm loving it!
 This is the top before.  Yikes, right?!!
I sanded it down with 150, making sure to remove any small scratches that the sandpaper may have left behind.  Gave it a coat of Java Gel and 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic.
 This is the top after (ignore the dust specks, we were having 70mph winds when I took these pics!).  Can you believe it's the same top?  I love restoring a nice piece of wood!
 I really do like the texture of this!  I love milk paint for the authenticity it brings to a piece.  Sometimes distressing can look contrived, but milk paint never does.  It looks like what would naturally happen over time.

 It's a contradiction of smooth and flaky. ;)
color = Tricycle MMS
top coat = hemp oil


  1. Red was a beautiful color choice for this dresser Lisa! And you really brought that wood top back to life. Just beautiful!

  2. This is absolutely stunning. I am not sure if I have mentioned how much I truly love the staging you do for the photos as well...for all of the times I have wondered what decor I long for in my home...BOOM, there it is!!!

    1. Lol, thanks Andrea. I appreciate that so much. It's funny because my house does not look like my furniture! haha

  3. Wow...that's gorgeous! And that top was solid wood? Again? How are you getting all these pieces that aren't just veneer? I'm flummoxed. And my buddy Andrea is right. You're the Staging Queen. :P


    1. I don't hardly ever get a piece where the top is solid wood. All of these are veneer. You can refinish a piece of veneer (if it's in decent shape) just like you can a solid piece of wood. Just have to be careful not to sand through it when sanding it down (I've done that before and it stinks). Thanks for the lovely words. Is it weird if me to say I miss you? We've never even met!



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