Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vintage Vanity in French Vanilla

I have a soft heart.  I can't help it.  I feel sorry for lost kitties, sad babies, heartbroken teenagers, bugs on their backs, and ugly furniture!
So, when my client brought me this little vanity and said, "I'm not sure you can do anything with it."  I took it as a personal challenge because, let's face it, it definitely fit in the ugly furniture category!
Someone, bless their heart cuz I am not here to judge, tried to "revive" it by giving it some sort of hideous, drippy, stain wash.  I'm not sure how old or experienced they were or what their intention was, but it was definitely a project gone wrong.  I know you can't tell from the picture, but you will just have to trust me when I tell you it was bad!
It's actually a very pretty little vanity with great bones and she chose a very neutral color which I think compliments it beautifully.  Sometimes simple is best (and always versatile and classic!).
Poor, poor baby!
Much better!  Like a breath of fresh air!

 She's not sure she wants to reuse this stool, so I covered it in a piece of left over fabric for the mean time. It looks very "springy", but just imagine it with an orange pumpkin on it and we're all good. 
*pssst, I actually love turquoise and orange together!
 When I was done she whispered "thank you" to me.  The vanity, not my client, silly!  I didn't let my client see it yet.  I'm kind of a witch that way. ;)

 Every girl needs some bling and I think the gal this is going to will appreciate a diamond (yes, they're fake, but don't burst my bubble please!) encrusted knob, or 4!
 After the chippy red dresser I sadly admit I reverted to my old ways and put the polish
 on that finish. ;)

color = French Vanilla from SW


  1. Beautiful! I have a similar one my sister gave me. It's sitting in storage waiting for something to happen. Of course, I have no place to put it anyway... This one's definitely happier now. :)


  2. Oh she is beautiful! I wonder if someone could make me over with such stunning results! ;)

  3. Another beauty Lisa - love the knobs - they really add some well earned bling - do you mind advising where you purchased those from :)


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