Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vintage Lowboy in Tuscan Red

 Pure luck is what brought this vintage lowboy and I together.  My hubby asked if I wanted it and I said (with an extremely confused look on my face because I can't believe after all this time he would even think he needed to ask), "Uh, yeah!"  (Duh, honey.)
He said it was ugly and I almost kicked him out of my garage.  Ugly?  Pphttt!
I have a super soft spot for lowboys. It's bad.  It doesn't really  matter what they look like, I love em.  This one was an empire AND curvy!!  The lowboy of my dreams!  I drooled all over it and then made myself finish up my custom work before I got my little hands on it.
And, I had another fabulous piece of luck.  I love General Finishes products, but I can only get the Gel Stain close to me.  And, if you haven't figured it out by now I'm kind of a cheapskate, so I shy away from ordering paint products online unless I just absolutely can't live without it. 
I was in contact with Tara from GF about the recent dresser I refinished with the wood drawer fronts.  She asked if I had ever used their milk paint(which is not a true milk paint, but an acrylic) line and I hung my head in shame as I told her, no, I hadn't.  Well, guess what showed up in the mail a week later?!  You guessed it!  A box full of goodies.  I was so thrilled and ripped that sucker gently opened the box to see what was inside.  There were three cans of paint and a topcoat.  Oh boy!  One of the colors was Tuscan Red and I knew immediately that fate had intervened for my little lowboy.  A perfect combination!
I know, I know.  You want to see the pics.  Just hold your horses cuz I have to tell you about this paint.  The consistency is perfect.  Now, I've heard amazing things about GF paint, but I wanted to test it myself so I whipped out my brush and brushed the drawers of this lowboy.  I still sanded between coats, but I'm not sure I even needed to.  It levels beautifully and covers like a dream.  If you have been on my FB page I posted a pic of the drawer fronts and ppl were asking me if I sprayed them.  It's that good!   I'm dead serious when I tell you I only did 2 coats on most of the dresser.  Two coats!  For red!!  If you've ever painted with red you know two coats is unheard of. 
Bottom line.  I love LOVE it!  Big, huge, ginormous shout out to General Finishes and you can find them on FB  here.  If you haven't tried their products you are definitely missing out!!


That is one sexy piece of furniture I tell ya!  (sorry mom)

 I bought these knobs as a "just in case" for the white vanity I recently finished and was so glad I decided not to use them because they are so perfect against this deep red. 
This is the finish I was talking about.  AmAzInG, right?!!  Like silk. They recommend to sand with 220 between coats, which is what I always do anyway.  I promise you, you WILL notice a difference in your finish if you sand, sand, sand!!  It's a dirty job but your furniture will thank you for it.
 So many times I get pieces where the keyholes are there but the covers are missing.  I was so happy to see they were all there! I simply popped them off (be careful doing this), painted, and then put them back on.  I also loved these simple, flat black knobs for the smaller drawers.
 The grain in this top is amazing and I definitely did not want to paint it.  It's a hardwood so didn't take stain as well as a softer wood would, but Java Gel from General Finishes didn't let me down.  It's a beautiful piece of wood.

This piece is


  1. Gorgeous! Amazing! Fantastic!!!

    It almost makes me want to use this color on Gramma's buffet.... Hmmmm......


  2. Hitting the key on my keyboard reserved for you that says.... I love it, I pinned it. I'm also going to check out GF, I think I should give them a whirl.

  3. For sale?!?! Will there be teardrop stains on the finish from when you say good-bye? Just incredible!

    1. p.s. and this piece seals the deal on my being terrified that I will never be able to turn down a piece of furniture again...regardless of how unattractive (ugly seemed harsh) it appears!

  4. hi Lisa
    it's just beautiful and you've done a great job painting it and with your decision for it. I am also a massive advocate for sanding. It makes all the difference. I literally sat down to read your email post while i'm waiting for some red paint to dry (using ASCP and on my fourth and final coat). you've done so well with two!!
    cheers Fiona (Lilyfield Life)

  5. It's gorgeous...and that is some awesome finish happening there! And Tara...well she rocks! So nice of them to send you a 'care' package...just enough to get you hooked! Welcome to GF world! :)

  6. Lisa does it again. Girl you work wood magic, I tell ya. Just beyond wow.

    Bet hubby was impressed, too! WELL DONE!!

  7. Hi Lisa!
    I am doing a piece in tuscan red right now - did you apply a black glaze over that? The piece is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Lilli. I just used a clear poly, no glaze. :)

  8. Hi Lisa,
    This is truly gorgeous! One question: did you paint over the veneer or remove it first? If you did paint over it did you have to reglue it all first?
    Again, beautiful.

  9. This is a gorgeous piece!You do amazing work!


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