Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Knob

This week just flew by!  I'm not sure if it's because the weather has been a little gloomy this week or if it's because Jack Frost is nipping at my nose, toes, and every where else, but I have had a serious lack of motivation lately!  Yep, I'm in a slump.  Custom orders keep me going because I can't stand the idea of keeping people waiting, so thank goodness for that or I might still be wrapped in a blanket and curled up with a book instead of out in my garage!
I've done a few antique sewing machine tables and I still love them.  I think they make the best before/afters because all most of them are just so outdated.  I wonder how many of these I've walked by in my life and not even given them a second look? 
They usually have nice clean lines and  I'm always taken by their long legs. ;)

The finish on this one was very old and flaky so I ended up sanding it all down to the bare wood.  I used an orbital sander on the top and sanded the rest by hand.  I know people are tempted to skip this step, especially if they're using chalk paint, but your final finish can only be as good as what you start with.  So, if your original finish is rough it will show under your paint job (in the form of ridges, etc).  Sometimes I like this look, especially if glazing or dark waxing but this guy was going off-black, so I wanted it to be smooth.
*Sometimes, if using a rougher grit sand paper to remove the old finish, you can leave scratches that will show through your paint.  To avoid this simply sand in the direction of the grain.  It will help eliminate those scratches and "swirlies".  Of course, you can always sand with a finer grit until they are gone, too. 
Black is always classic and charcoal is no different.  Still a great neutral but it's black's soft side.  Love the warm tones of the wood with it, too.

 Seriously, isn't this knob amazing?!
  There is a little story behind it.  Last year I had an itch for coral.  I've used Hobby Lobby knobs so many times so I was looking for something a little different.  I started browsing the web and found this amazing coral rosette on Anthropologie.  I fell head over heals.  Only one problem.  It was $17!  Yes, $17 freaking dollars!!  What's a girl to do?  I hemmed and hawed and tried to justify it.  I finally decided to put ONE in my cart because I just could not let it remain an abstract object out in cyberspace.  Somehow, putting it in the cart made it real and MINE.  It sat there for a few days, and then I finally pulled it up again, with the intention of removing it and moving on....ok...that's a bald face lie (look up the origin of that expression, fascinating).  I had no intention of doing anything but purchasing it.  So, I did.  I bought one stinking knob!  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I had the pleasure of unwrapping it and rolling it around in my greedy little hands.  And, then it was placed in the knob bin in my garage and it's been there ever since.  Crying out to me.  Begging to be shown to the world.  It wanted to be SEEN. 
I could deny it no more, so it's making its debut on this pretty little sewing table.  I have no idea if my client wants it, and if she doesn't then it will go back in the bin and I will cry tears of disappointment until I, again, find the perfect piece for it to make its forever home. 
I can't believe I just wrote all of that for a knob....

 Sand, people, sand!!

There was a pretty piece of mahogany veneer under that ugly old finish.  I sanded it down to the bare wood, gave it one coat of Java Gel, and 3 coats of General Finishes topcoat in flat.  I L.O.V.E. it!  I've always been a Satin girl, but I think I'm converted! 

 Have a lovely weekend!


  1. That is one gorgeous table. Love the knob!

  2. It's totally understandable (to those of us who are not exactly 'all together'!) that you put that knob in virtual shopping cart! It's gorgeous! Keep us posted on whether she likes it or not? :)

  3. Really pretty. I love old sewing tables too!

  4. Oh golly you are really amazing, know that?

    And funny, too. : - )

    Have a fabo weekend.

  5. I love sewing machine cabinets. I've painted quite a few. They are so versatile and those long legs get me every time. But this just might be the prettiest one I've seen. And that knob is over the top adorable!

  6. Awesome, I always thought I would do one of these but never got to it. Really nice job.


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