Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black and White Dresser

This was another (almost) curb side find.  The guy was taking it out to the curb, my friend saw it and said, "Hey, where are you going with that?!"  lol  Then she said, "Put it in my van!"  Gotta love that.  It was a little rough, but not too bad.  So glad she saved it!! :)


Found a pic of a black and white dresser online that we both liked, so here is my version...


she decided on a little more distressing--I like it better, too! (Imagine that!)

Just lightly distressed

Loved these knobs in white and love them just as much in black!!

I love the contast of the black knobs and the softness of the white against white.  I couldn't decide, so now I have the best of both worlds!

You know I can't pass up a shot with flowers....that's my other obsession!



white = Greek Villa SW
black = All surface enamel in stock black SW 

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  1. wonderful black furniture, I love them all. what brand and color black do you use?
    Thank you


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