Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prettier in Pink

My client wanted to use this tiny table for a nightstand for her daughter.  It wasn't looking so great before (kind of an understatement ;) ), but with a little wood glue and a new coat of pink it's fit for a lovely young lady. 


If you look close in the bottom left-hand corner you can see where a band-aid had been painted right into the top of the table. lol  This is some serious chippy paint....


I sanded it down to the bare wood and just started over.

I told myself I would never paint anything pink, but I'm really liking this little table.  ;)

color = Childlike SW

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  1. It's amazing what you find yourself doing for others. I've made some (in my opinion) pretty hideous quilts based on fabric they chose . . . No matter how I feel about it, it makes me happy to know at least THEY like it!! Glad you ended up liking this one in the end!


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