Monday, May 7, 2012

Reproduction of Antique Wash Basin

Sometimes I feel like I have to justify myself a little, so I will tell you this is not an antique.  :)  It's beautiful and it's unique, but it's only a reproduction. So, I didn't feel too badly about painting (and distressing the crap out of) it.  I've been wanting something different for the corner of my porch and I wanted something I could put flowers in, so this fit both needs...wants...needs...whatever. :)



This was originally going to go out on my deck which is why I distressed it so heavily, but I love it on my porch, too! 

 Just adore all the details.

Yes, I saved the original bowl and pitcher
 yes, I spray painted this flower pot, too! (see this post)

color = Greek Villa SW

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