Friday, October 14, 2011

Children's table/chairs

A table makeover for an amazing lady and her beautiful kids! 



 It took me longer to arrange the letters than it did to paint the whole thing! :)  This is a play table, I knew it would be getting lots of wear and tear so I scuffed the top so any "mishaps" might not be so noticable.  Haven't had the guts to sand through the paint in the middle of a piece before...I think I was cringing the whole time. :)

 Used a soft gray-brown primer under the white--loved it, already thinking of the next thing I can use the color on!

The detail on the seat was so cute--mixed the colors I used for the letters with a little white to soften them and sanded through the color.  One of the things I love about distressing is when the piece gets chipped or bumped into it just looks like it was meant to be that way--can't beat that with little ones around.

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