Saturday, October 1, 2011

Desk--Favorite Project!

A good friend of mine asked me to refinish an old desk she had for her almost-teenage daughter. When I saw it I was so excited!! It had so many gorgeous little details on it. Her daughter's favorite color is green so I couldn't wait to do something fun with it!


I primed it with an oil based sealant since the top was pretty rough and had some staining. The first time I painted in "Lively Yellow" from SW (which was a greenish yellow on the card), but it was TOO yellow, so I ended up making a custom color out of what was left. Gave it two coats of that over the yellow, then lightly dry brushed it with "Westhighland White" from SW.


Distressing it brought out all the pretty details and the yellow underneath in places. Absolutely loved the finish!

Sorry, no drawer pulls in these shots. The originals just didn't fit the style anymore and they were an odd size, so still on the hunt. Can't wait to find the perfect ones!

Cut out letters with my Cricut and used the background as a stencil--used white and a little grey and then sanded down to take most the paint back off.

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