Thursday, October 13, 2011

French Script

There weren't a lot of details on this dresser, so I thought a graphic would be something fun and interesting. Loved my coffee table so much I wanted to do something else in black and white.  She was sad, but I had a vision for her!


Am in love with the graphics which were from  Thanks to Becky for helping enlarge it!

Used tracing paper to transfer the image to the dresser, painted, then sanded.  So, I just have to tell you about my mishap.  I completely finished painting the graphic on the top, waited for it to dry, and then went to poly it.  When I went over it with the poly it smeared the paint!  I did not cry--I wanted to, but I didn't.  After standing there for 10 minutes in my garage {not crying} I decided I would sand over it to see if I could fix it.  Luckily it worked pretty well.  The image is faded, but I still think it turned out nice, I think I might like it better this way!?   Oh well, we live and we learn! Now I know to spray over it with a clear coat first. ;)

This image was also from graphicsfairy.  For these I just colored the back of the image with a pencil, placed it where I wanted it (pencil side down), and traced over it again.  Was a much softer effect than painting it-- which I like.

Favorite corner.  The original handles were hideously ugly, so I junked them and bought new--love them!


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