Wednesday, October 19, 2011

vintage accent table

Can we say 70's? right down to the gold trim around the top.  Yikes!  I'm sure she was a beauty in her day, but time had taken it's toll!  It was practically a give away, so I thought what the heck, if I don't like it I'm not out much!


After After :)

So, after doing this shelf  I loved it so much that I knew I had to do the same thing to the side table I just finished.  I know this picture's not so great, but I love how it toned down the paint and made it feel more aged.  So much better.

Here's how:  just paint stain on with a cheap brush and wipe off with an old rag.  So easy!  And, yes, my kitchen is my workshop today! 

Bought a new drawer pull, but then changed my mind.  I actually loved the original painted white.

These were actually why I brought it home! I could envision it a little roughed up.  Love them!

ummm...hello gorgeous!  This shot was just for me---I do have a bit of a flower fetish ;)


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