Wednesday, October 19, 2011

side table redo

Ok--is it really possible to be in love with a piece of furniture? Especially one that is chipped, scraped, scratched, and gouged? I think YES! When my friend asked me to do this one I had to try really hard not to jump up and down in front of her cuz I think she already thinks I'm nuts! :) This little table had so much character! If I had room in my house I would have bargained for it.



Primed in black, painted, and glazed with black stain.  I did have another "learning experience" with this one, but it is too painful to talk about. ;)  Needless to say I had to walk away....

I distressed a little, but it just didn't look right--had too much character for new paint and just a little distressing, so went pretty heavy with the sander--you already know how that makes me feel ;)

Paint = Tricorn black SW, Lisa's Sea Salt SW (yes, they actually named it for me and put it on the label!)
Stain = Ebony Minwax
Knobs = Hobby Lobby (seriously, you should check them out--so fun!)

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