Sunday, October 9, 2011

Old Table redo

Recently came across this old table and immediately fell in love with it!  One of those moments when my heart started beating a little faster--tell me that's never happened to you ;) and I ripped the tag off so no one else would get it.  Which is kind of funny considering most people probably wouldn't have even noticed it! Anyway--it reminded me of something grandpa would use for a work bench.  It has so much character--rough, dry, a little beat up, scratched, and gouged (which somebody lovingly filled in with wood putty)--in other words PERFECT!! :)



The wood was so dry I had to apply 4 coats of Danish Oil--just soaked it up!  Still have to poly the top, but it's going to take a while to dry and I couldn't wait that long to post pics! :)

Went heavy on the distressing --ummm...can we say happy girl??

Check out this handle--the underside is carved out.  Table was put together with square bolts too--love that.



  1. I am loving all these amazing end results. They all look so good!! You are so good at this :) Seriously...I'm sooo impressed, Lis. You should start a retail biz.

  2. What is Danish Oil? Do you put it on before you paint or after? Fun projects!

  3. Barb--Danish oil is a protectant. Used it because the top was so dry and tung oil is expensive! Was a good alternative. It comes in different "colors" from natural (no color) to dark (like this top). I still sealed it with a poly though. I painted the bottom first and then did the top, but I've done it the other way around too. Just need to be careful if you stain the top first that you don't get paint on it--then you have to sand it off and restain.


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