Saturday, August 18, 2012

Antique dresser {black & wood}

I loved this dresser when I first saw it--the skirt, the legs, the two top drawers, and the details on the body. 

 My client was looking for something for her little boy's room and decided this was the one.  At first I thought it might be too feminine, so challenge #1!  :)  I wanted it to be masculine, neutral (he wants a wall in his room neon green!), and something that could grow with him.  Challenge #2 was to conquer the peeling veneer (which for some reason never deters me from buying something even though I detest dealing with it!).    

What great bones!!


We decided on a wood top, so it wouldn't be too dark.  I love the natural element wood gives.  BUT--when I started sanding the veneer on the top started peeling off!  Ugh!!  So, I had to peel the whole top off and thankfully there was something decent hiding underneath.  Thanks to my DH and a lot of sanding with a heavy duty sander (it really does pay to know the right people) and some 60 grit (can't beat that stuff!) we got her  him smoothed out.  I absolutely LOVE this top!  

Side note:  one whole side had to be peeled off as well for the same reason! Double ugh!!  (well worth it though)

I also knew I couldn't cover these drawers up!  Aren't they beeeautiful?!!  I just sanded the old finish all the way off and gave them two coats of poly.  Just look at them--isn't it amazing what God does?!

<3 <3  I la-la-la-la-love them....  <3 <3

I used a satin poly for this one--normally I use a semi-gloss on black, but it can look formal and I didn't want that.

"He" has great legs, too! ;)

I want to steal this one. :)

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