Friday, August 3, 2012

New Look

Wait!  Don't leave!  You're in the right place! :)  I have been wanting to update the look of my blog for at least 9 months now.  I am almost completely illiterate when it comes to the computer, but I finally sat down and made myself look up tutorials online of how to accomplish what I wanted to.  It took me hours and my head feels like it's going to explode, but I'm much happier with my little blog now!  I'm sure I will do some more tweaking when I'm not painting or on Pinterest. :)

There is a new "For Sale" tab at the top of the site.  Now all of the pieces I still have available are in one place.  Hopefully I will be good about keeping this updated and hopefully I will find time to add some fun new pieces here.  I just have to say I love what I do!  Woo hoo!! 

I probably don't say this enough, but THANK YOU to all of my friends and dear family who support what I do.  You are such a blessing to me.  I love "talking shop" and I love when others are just as excited about what I'm doing as I am.  

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as it is quickly coming to an end.  My, how time flies!  

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