Thursday, August 2, 2012

Side Table

This was a standard little end table that you see all over.  After I started working on it I realized only the top and the front trim piece were wood.  I've painted particle board before (even though I prefer not to), just have to be a little more careful (lightly scuff sand, use a good primer, and seal it with a good poly) and not distress too much.   Thought this little table went from pretty ordinary to something pretty darn cute! :)



Should have closed the shop door! ;)

 Just distressed the edges...particle board still scares me!

 Love the new hardware.  I'm still amazed that a little paint and updated hardware can make such a huge difference.  


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  1. Boy that really brings out the detail. In the rock-paper-scissors cycle, paint covers stain. Paint wins! That looks SOOOoooo much better.


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