Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pallet Shelf

I've wanted to do something with an old pallet for a while now (thanks to Pinterest!)--just didn't know what.  Then my super crafty friend sent me a picture of a shelf she made from a pallet that was just sitting around at her parents place (nothing is better than FREE!).  I loved it and told her I had to have one.  The next day there was an old pallet sitting in my shop.  Isn't she awesome?!!!!   Then I just had to wait impatiently for my better half to cut the darn thing down for me (I tried not to pester ask him more than once--honestly).  Anyway--it really was a simple project (at least he made it look that way). :)

We just cut the end off the pallet and the boards just happened to be spaced just right, so I didn't have to pry any off (which was nice because pallets are hardwood and the nails don't want to come out easily!).

 I adore the textures of the old wood,  glass knobs,  flat black frame,  metal,  paper,  burlap, and painted glass together!

 Aren't these great??!!

You guessed it--I LOVE it!!!

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