Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dresser to TV Console

I've had several people ask me to turn a dresser into a TV console.  So glad I have a handy man for projects like this! (I just have to say--he really is good to me!)  I didn't want to piece the inside shelf together, so we unscrewed the top and slipped the MDF shelf into the inside, after we (you know I use the term "we" loosely, as I usually am the assistant with tools while he does all the actual work) made sure there was enough support on the inside to hold the shelf.  Then I drug my family with me to Home Depot (where they ask me the entire time how long it is going to take me) and picked out a piece of trim to cover up the edge of the MDF.  If you know what you're doing (which now we do :) ) it's not a hard project, just takes some measuring and cutting.

I see these long dressers everywhere.  It was a nice dresser (Broyhill), just needed a little updating. 



You have to run your fingertips across this one. ;)

The second one is coming up next....

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