Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Green with Envy

UPDATE:  So, the knobs I'd been waiting for never came in (and she said they probably wouldn't) so I had to choose different knobs.  I really like when all the knobs don't match, so it all worked out.  I absolutely love this color!  It's a little darker and a little more yellow than this apple green.  This has been one of my favorites so far (thus the reason for the million pictures--sorry!).

This "cute antique dresser" as I dubbed her on my available for refinishing tab turned out to be a bit of a beast.  Don't get me wrong--she is cute, but she was a pain in the ______.  :o  I didn't really look in the drawers when I bought it and I should have!  Shame on me.  I've become a lot pickier in what I purchase since then.  But, she had good bones (nothing my handyman hubby couldn't fix up) and I could see her potential.  

I have to wait for knobs that are on order, so until next week  you only get a sneak peek! Patience is a virtue, right???



Aren't these the greatest keyholes?!  LOOVE them!!

 I have been in love with these knobs since this dresser.

 <3 this corner.  (I know, I'm strange.) :)

 These beautiful roses are in care of my wonderful father and mother in-law.  They are way too good to me!

adore this skirt

Ooohhh....she's taken! :(

color = my own--think I mixed three different colors until I got the one I liked

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