Friday, March 28, 2014

Antique Sewing Cabinet III

This is the 3rd sewing table I've done in the last two months, but they are so versatile and I just love them! This one was sitting in the middle of Goodwill looking sad and lonely.  I walked up and saw two screws sticking straight out of the top of it (see if you can see them) and just knew that would never do!  Usually I have to ponder and pray about a piece before I buy it ;), but I just snatched this one up and hauled it straight to the checkout.  I was on a mission because it deserved so much better!! 

And, this pic does nothing for the hideous nature of the finish that was on it.  The middle was fine, but the legs had a hideous green glow about them.  Not good!

Can't find the screws?  Here they are! *GASP*


I layered this gray/green (very similar to Chateau Gray from AS) over cream and gave it a good distressing.  It has so much dimension now and you can see the original grain of the wood peeking through which I think is lovely. :)

 Since the top had two HOLES in it (what a terrible thing to do!) I knew I would have to replace it (because I was determined for this one to have a natural top on it).  I bought a piece of veneer and my handy dandy hubby helped me (ok, he did most of the work) put it on.  It was fairly easy because it was a small piece.  So, now it's sporting a brand new cherry top stained in Java Gel.  Very pretty!

 I've used this pull several times before, but it was so perfect with the color and style that I had to use it again! 

 I love this color with the dark top.  It's actually very neutral and soft. 

<3 <3 <3

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  1. beautiful work! It clearly was just waiting for you to rescue it, and I agree about the screws - why the heck would someone do that?!

  2. Girlfriend, you've done it yet again. My word you sport some serious talent. Man oh man I absolutely adore this piece - love the colours. Well done, so impressive.

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

  3. That knob is seriously gorgeous...And did I see somewhere this was your first attempt at applying veneer? I guess you could say "Nailed It" ! :)

  4. Angela,
    You are stinking' amazing. I love your wok! This table is just beautiful!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  5. I love it! You've done it again. :)


  6. This is beautiful! I love your creativity and enjoy reading about your projects.

  7. Really, really beautiful job on the distressing. And the pull is totally fab with this piece!

  8. pretty!!!!! It looks amazing... That drawer pull is like a piece of jewelry!


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