Friday, March 7, 2014

Repurposed Grandfather Clock

I've wanted to do a grandfather clock from the time I started doing furniture.  I know I'm probably going to get some flack for taking the thing apart, but I don't really care. :)  It wasn't an antique and although nice, it wasn't in working order when I bought it so I didn't feel too badly about dismantling it.
Craig put the shelves in for me and I decided to go classic with it so it could fit in any decor.  

(kind of)


It's so stinking cute and I love it!  Because of the way the inside, on the top, was configured the shelf ended up sticking above the rim of where the glass started on the door.  I thought it looked a little off so I decided to do the glass in the door as a chalkboard.  

It's got great details!

I used a piece of faux tin (normally used for backsplash, I believe) for the back and then papered the sides and the bottom.  I was going to use the paper on the back of the bottom half as well, but decided I didn't like it. 

I want to keep this one, but I kept the hutch instead so this one is for sale! ;)

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  1. This is so timely!! I was just shopping GF clocks on CL a couple days ago! We found a gorgeous modern-looking GF clock (looks more like a telescope!) that would look awesome next to the piano, but of course, it's a fortune. So I thought hmmmmm...perhaps find one on CL to paint! I love it! And I seriously want that owl. And I'm not even into owls.


  2. Wow, this is so beautiful! I'm on the hunt for a grandfather clock now! lol!


  3. Wow. This turned out GREAT! I love it in white! I found you through and I love your work. I CAN.NOT.BELIEVE how many pieces you've turned around in your gallery page. I would love to know where you find so many pieces, where you work on them (garage?) how you sell them/ price them. Really, I'd like to be your new friend and interview you and hang out with you! Have you heard of FunCycled? They are within driving distance to me, and seem to have a similar approach to painting and re-loving furniture. Have a great day!

  4. That is wonderful! We make the backsplash panel featured. It's Traditional 1 style. Would love to publish this on our blog and show our followers how creative our customers are. Could you please email me? It's Jennifer at you!

  5. Oh geez, you are so clever Lisa! I love this transformation - pretty and so unique!

  6. Lovely Lisa. I come on here for inspiration. I too am doing chalkboard in the central panel and I thought as it is retro that I'd make a clock out of a vinyl record for the top section.


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