Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wardrobe in Drizzle

There's no story behind this one.  Just a wardrobe badly in need of an update!  She was screaming 80's, with tacky contact paper stuck all over the inside.  I've been wanting to use the color Drizzle from SW and chose this to be my guinea pig.  Gorgeous color (you know how I feel about my blue/greens!)!



  I chose to highlight the mirror in white and love how clean it makes this piece feel. 

Can you tell it's been a long day?! I don't have much to say. :)  

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  1. Beautiful job!!!! I love that blue its a gorgeous color!

  2. Beautiful, lovely, wonderful. :)


  3. Oh so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's gorgeous! And the knobs...oh my goodness...they are spectacular!

  5. I'm new to your site and I love it! And I love this wardrobe! It's simply stunning! You do beautiful work! And where did you find those knobs? They are the perfect touch!

  6. Wow!
    Although I'm not a such a light color fan, I can't tell you how much I like this piece! I think it's because all the small details just bring it all home. As always, lovey. Thanks for sharing!


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