Monday, March 24, 2014

Serpentine Low Boy w/ Mirror

I found this sweet little serpentine dresser in the same consignment shop I found this oak dresser.  It needed a lot of work too!  It was all birds eye maple veneer, but unfortunately the veneer was extremely damaged and almost peeled right off.  Lucky for me though because that made it a steal! You know I couldn't pass it up with all of those curves!!  Tweet Twoo!


I've been wanting to try a new milk paint color from Sausha @ Sweet Pickins Furniture.
It's called Sweetie Jane and it turned out to be so perfect for this little piece.  Seriously, I just stood and stared at it when I was done. :)  I just want to give a shout out to her for her wonderful product(s)!   I loved working with her milk paint and would definitely buy again! 


It is such a lovely, delicate blue green. I layered it over cream because I wasn't thrilled with the way the paint color looked with the maple, but I LOVE it with the cream!!  So beautiful!!

 I was able to save the top and stained it dark to contrast the paint.  Maple is a hardwood so it won't go as dark as cherry or mahogany, but I still really like the tone of it. 

 It has three of the original wheels and I haven't decided if I'm going to try to replace the 4th one or just take them all off.  I love them and don't really want to take them off.  Any suggestions?

It had all the original keyhole covers which, for me, is very unusual.  I was so excited to see that!  I simply popped them off to paint and them put them back one.  

I love how vintage and feminine these knobs feel and think they fit this piece perfectly!

 These drawers were actually really clean, but I decided to line them anyway just as a finishing touch.


So so happy about this one!!

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  1. It's beautiful and the knobs are perfect with it! Very pretty piece!

  2. Gorgeous piece, Lisa! Love, love the color and the stained top. You have chosen wonderful knobs ~ again. : ) The curves would have got me, too. I would replace the 4th wheel if you can. I think it is a nice touch to the piece. Of course, if you can't find one to work, then I would take the other three off. It is still a lovely piece with or without the wheels.

  3. The curves and the color just makes me swoon!

  4. Oh Lisa...just when I think I've found my favorite, you throw another one at me! I LOVE this! Everything you've done is just perfect. And I vote trying to come up with a 4th wheel. :) I'm hoping to come across one of these myself one day. Love it.


  5. Absolutely stunning! You always execute the details perfectly!! When you line drawers with fabric, do you use modge podge to keep it in there?


  6. Adorable!!! I just love it, great transformation!

  7. What do you use for drawer liners, and where can I get some lol? They are so fun! -Chelsea

  8. I was also wondering with what and how do you line the drawers? I have tried mod podge and it always bumps.. Suggestions?

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