Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Pine Desk Revamp

There's really no story behind this little pine desk.  

 for the fact that a good friend just GAVE it to me!  She was so kind and I just want to say
 THANK YOU Rachel!!  

It's been made over, used, and loved.  And, now it's time for another makeover to bring her into the right decade. ;)

It has a rustic feel (meaning it's not perfect).  Pine is naturally that way, so I decided to roll with it. 



I just love this shade of gray (it's Light French Gray at 200% from Sherwin Williams) with the fun pop of coral on the seat and the knob. 

My daughter has one very similar to this in teal, but the whole top is a chalkboard.  I decided this one needed a fun place for a little girl to doodle and decided to just do it in the middle of the desk. 

 I love doing a piece specifically for a little girl because it gives me the chance to be just a little bit whimsical, which is where the delicate, scrolly butterflies came in!

 Just adore this color combo!!

 I was looking for something coral and happened across this knob which was hiding behind the big "Sale" sign at Hobby Lobby.  Jackpot!  

I'm sad you can't see the white under the gray from distressing in the pic, but it's there and I love it!

Today was kinda sucky so here's to hoping tomorrow is better!! ;)

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  1. Super cute! I'm sorry you had a sucky day. I hate sucky days! Let's both have a non-sucky day tomorrow. Wait. I have to go to work. Automatic sucky day for me. I love the coral and the gray. :)


  2. Where I live these little tables are called "Kidney Vanities". I purchased one for my daughter 31 years ago at a little thrift store. She still has it today as an entry table at her back door. All painted and redone of course. But the memories of her surprise when I gave it to her are the real treasure here.


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