Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Antique Desk

I just have to say-Mary is so sweet!  When she came to pick up this cute yellow dresser she was so thrilled and literally did a little dance in my garage.  I though I was the only one that did that!! ;)  

She tentatively said, "I have a desk in the back of my truck.  Would you be willing to look at it?"  Well, of course! :)  She was afraid it was too far gone and I assured her it would look better than ever with just a little TLC.  She told me her grandmother had one almost identical to it when she was a young girl and when she saw this one it took her right back to being with her again.  I know "things" are just things, BUT they do have the power to invoke wonderful memories.  I'm so happy this little desk will remind this sweet lady of someone she holds so dear to her heart.  



I make Craig come out to the garage when I've finished something so he can see what I've been doing with all my time. ;)  When he saw this one he said, "I really like this one.  It's cool."  
Now, that dear friends, is a compliment! :)

She opted to keep the original pulls because they were just like the ones on the desk she remembers.  She also decided to keep them their original patina.  I'm so glad-they look so good against the black.  They make their own little statement!  I was a little sad to realize that one of them was missing though.   So, I dug through my stash and found two antique knobs that had the same patina and used them in place of the pull on the middle drawer.  They look like they were meant to be there. 

It had a gorgeous piece of cherry veneer for the top, so I CAREFULLY (I will tell you that story later) sanded it down and stained it with Java Gel and gave it 3 coats of poly.  It is so completely beautiful! 

This was a nice start to my week! 

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  1. Very, very nice! The beauty of it is so understated and even more gorgeous for it!

  2. The black is so beautiful. Thank you for showing a clear shot of the top. I've been reluctant to try the Java Gel, thinking it might muddy the clarity, and cover up the beautiful grain...But it doesn't...so I just might have to give it a try!

  3. It looks fantastic, Lisa! I love it black. You've given it a new life!

  4. Oh, it's beautiful! I never get tired of a stained top and painted body.

    1. Ooops...I somehow submitted my comment before I was finished. Okay, I'm finished! ;)


  5. It looks fantastic in black and I love the distressed edges.

  6. So pretty! And your staging is perfection. I love the black on that desk. But just curious, are you sure the top is cherry?? The whole front of the desk looks like "ribbon" mahogany. I've done half a dozen of those period desks and they made them from mahogany.

  7. Could you give details on what kind of black paint you used? Brand? Latex ? Oil? Thanks! I love it.

  8. I love this color!! Is this the SW black that you have used on other pieces??? And what poly did you use??!!

  9. It's awesome. I love the two tone. What type of black paint did you use?


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