Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pedestal Desk

I have this friend who was recently at an estate sale and saw a desk he thought I would like.  Long story short, he was too busy talking :), missed the bid on the desk he wanted, and accidently bought one he didn't.  The desk he bought was pressed board and he figured I wouldn't want it.  I told him I would paint it for him (normally wouldn't paint anything made out of p. board, but I felt sorry for him ;) ) to see if it would help him sell it (see what guilt does??) and he said if I painted it he might want to keep it. 

O.k., this baby was rough!  Chunks were missing, not much I can do about that.  The "finish" was missing in spots and I was a little worried about how this would turn out.  Anyway, here's the before...

Oh, it also had a fun little design on the front the he informed me was "ugly", so I filled it, although it took me 5 times, cuz nothing would stick to the pressed board very well....won't ever attempt that again.  I think my hair is a little thinner now...

Seriously, paint can hide a multitude of sins!  I primed it well--giving it a few light coats so it didn't get too wet.

Lightly distressed the edges and sealed with poly to make sure the particle board wasn't exposed.

Where there were "chunks" missing I just didn't distress there, so it wouldn't draw attention to it.

Included this shot so you could see where the pressed board was raised on the front edge a little (must have gotten wet previously).  I just lightly sanded and made sure this spot was primed well.  While you can't smooth these spots out they blend in when you paint.  The rest of the top turned out very nice.

Kept the original hardward (which had a hideous finish on it) and sprayed black--looks 100x's better!

primer = Painter's Touch (ok, I just have to say I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!  Love how it comes out of the nozzle and it has a smooth, chalky finish.)
color on body = Greek Villa SW
color on top = Enamel in stock black (low luster) SW
poly = Varathane in semi-gloss (Love this one too.  It's actually a floor finish and I get it at my local hardware store.)

He's keepin' it. :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Repurposed Headboard

Snatched this great little head and foot board from a friend.  Fell in love with how chunky and curvy it was and the great little details.  I've been wanting to turn a headboard into a bench, so I bartered for the services of my handyman and transformed this cute little duo.

Kept the headboard as is and cut the footboard in half

Built the seat and braced the front with an extra board. Had two extra spindles from the footboard, so I used them on the bottom front.


Would be great for an entry way.

Dimensions: 19.5"D x 42"W x 40"H


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Toy Box

K, I am posting this because I am always amazed what a little paint can do!  I love wood just as much as the next guy (really!), but some things just need an update or a new look.  This little toy box was blonde and a little blah.  She wanted a more grown up look so she could store her sons memorabilia. 

I've posted over 50 before/after pics since I started this blog, so I can't believe I forgot the "before" on this one! Sorry!  It just goes to show I am still excited to get started on a project! :)


 After doing all those rub throughs with a medium tone stain underneath I forgot how much I like the look of the natural wood under the black, too. 

So cute!  Love it.

color = Enamel in stock black SW
poly = Varathane in semi-gloss

Side Table

So, I normally talk to my mom every week, but lately it's been hit and miss.  I missed last week and was missing her, so I called her this morning.  I told her I've been busy painting and she says, "But I looked at your blog and there wasn't anything new."   I think she was trying to catch me in a lie! lol

I have been painting just not posting all of it because some of it was just hard to take pictures of--like the 4 poster bed frame and 30 picture frames (which turned out great, but not too exciting).  So, to ease my mom's fear that her little girl was lying to her about being busy, here are a few of the things I have done. :)

This little side table was ok, but needed to be updated (in my humble opinion). :) 


 I decided the flowers had to go, so filled them in with bondo (I know, surprising, but it works great, and doesn't leave air holes like wood filler can), and then sanded smooth.

I always wipe it down with a tack cloth when I'm done sanding.  You can also use baby wipes.  Then primed, painted, glazed, and clear coated. 


 I love how new hardware can totally change the look of a piece.  Much better!

Went heavy on the distressing.

The top has a very worn feel.  Great if you have kids!

color = Snowbound SW
glaze = water based from SW tinted with chocolate brown
poly = Wood Classics in gloss SW
hardware = HL painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze by Krylon



I've had this cute mirror lying around the shop. I've been wanting to do a chalkboard, so I flipped the mirror and did the chalkboard on the back. 



dimensions: 18"W x 38"H


Monday, February 20, 2012

Dump Dresser

Seriously, so jealous of this find!  A friend said she found this great dresser at the dump--yeup, the dump!  It needed some repairs and a few new drawers, but the body was in great shape.  This is one of my favorite transformations!  It really is a beautiful piece of furniture.



Pictures just don't do her justice! :)

Love these feet!

color = enamel in stock black SW
poly = Varathane in semi-gloss

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Girl's play table

I picked up this little table this past summer.  Ania is always asking about my furniture, so she inspired me to do something fun for a little girl.  It's the perfect size for a tea party!

 Pink and green has always been one of my favorite color combos and I'm kind of a sucker for polka dots.  :)  (And, I think I might have a touch of spring fever!)

16"D x 23.5"W x 18.5"H

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 Things

So, I have been running like crazy for the last two weeks which is why I am complaining about creepers breaking into my house and leaving their dirty laundry for me and why my kids have eaten macaroni and cheese, Little Ceasars, and Ramen all in the same week (I know, I'm a terrible mom). But tonight I actually have about 45 minutes before I have to go again and I saw a cute post on a blog I like, so I thought I would do my own (mostly because it was about random thoughts and I have a ton of those!).

25 Things

1. I've listened to Hallelujah by these 4 Norwegian guys about 25 times this week and would listen to it 25 more if my kids didn't think I was off my rocker.

2. I know I have been complaining about laundry lately, but I do 2 loads a day, every day, and yesterday I did 4 loads, left the house, came home, and the basket was full again. What gives??

3. Tonight I went to Little Ceasars (because I have 10 teenage boys at my house and they're hungry and it's cheap!) and when she asked me what I wanted I said 5 pepperoni pizzas and she gives me a crazy look and says, "Five!?!?!" I looked around and said, "Um, yeah. I'm hungry."

4. O.k, I didn't really say that, but I wanted to.

5. I didn't say that because I DON'T always say what I'm thinking....just so you know.

6. People wouldn't like me very much if I always said what I was thinking.

7. I vacuum a lot.

8. I'm usually covered in dust (from sanding!) and I wonder what people think of me when I go out in public like that....because I do...a lot.

9. I just painted my bedroom and want to repaint it already. That's kind of messed up.

10. People have started rubbing their furniture because of me. That's kind of messed up.

11. I like it though. ;)

12. Those ten boys I was telling you about were all in the living room and then went upstairs and there was a random sock lying on the floor. I wondered whose it was and if they realized they weren't wearing a sock.

13. I got up at 4:30 this morning, went to take a shower, realized it was 4:30, and was excited cuz I got to go back to bed for another hour.

14. I think I have adult onset ADD

15. I love to sing in the car. I'm a terrible singer.

16. Some days I'm emotional, realize I'm emotional, and can't seem to help it. That's messed up. The joys of being a girl.

17. My apologies to those who suffer because of it. Really.

18. I passed the ice cream section at the store tonight and didn't buy ANOTHER pint of pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.

19. Because I've already eaten 10.

20. Yup, 10.

21. My pants still fit.

22. I have the best friends who say the nicest things. ♥ you all!

23. Craig is shaving is head in the kitchen right now and I'm wondering if he will vacuum when he's done. (see #7)

24. I'm reading the same book as Hunter now, and loving it.

25. Two day ago Craig was looking up his name on a certain website and left my laptop open when he was done.  When I found it I saw a list of Craig Hoffmans and two of them were Craig D Hoffman.  I asked him, "Is one of these you??"  He gave me a weird look and said, "How long have you known me?" (We've been married for 15 years.)  I stood in the bedroom for a minute, wondering why he asked me that, until I remembered his middle name is Kent.  Scary!!

Drop-leaf Dinette

So, I have a guy.... I love him.  He finds great stuff and I go shopping in his garage. :) Love that!  (He also wears these funky little hats and drives a hard bargain!)  I found this little dinette--it's a sturdy little drop-leaf table with great legs.  I'm glad he made me take the chairs, too. ;)



 Only one side is open in this pic.  It would be a perfect breakfast table or for a little nook.

 Ummm these!!

31.5D x 20.5W x 29.5H
39.5W when both leaves are up

Available for Refinishing

I will have a tab at the top of my site now for furniture that is available for refinishing.  If you would like to purchase a piece "as is" make me an offer. :)

If you have something specific in mind that you would like me to keep an eye out for let me know in the comments section or email me.

If you have a hard time "visualizing" what these pieces could look like I would love to share some ideas with you!!  :)