Wednesday, October 30, 2013

70's Dresser Update

This is one piece from another set I picked up last week and it is straight from the 70's!  It's a Bassett, so it's a really nice piece, but it was so outdated!  With all those details I didn't want it to look too busy, so I opted for a solid color and little distressing.  I think black suits it well!


I'm sad I didn't get to stage this one, but I was in a hurry!


Wouldn't this make a gorgeous buffet?!!

I'm sure I've mentioned before how I hate taking pics of black (maybe once or twice??).  So much richer looking in person, but what's a gal with a digital camera gonna do? ;)

 This top is smooooth!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Antique Chest of Drawers

This is the final piece (here's the bed and the vanity) of the set I bought last week.  In this post I mentioned how I've been waiting for a stacked chest of drawers for so long and then I found two within weeks of each other!  I loved being able to do all of these pieces differently to see how they would look.  I love them all (but the teal is still my fav!).

Just a little side note:
I get a few comments, every now and then, about painting wood (especially if it's considered "nice wood").  This piece had lovely mahogany veneers, but none of the details really stood out, even with the different color woods. Painting and distressing has such a way of bringing out all those lovely details.  You don't "ruin" a piece of furniture by painting it (it can always be stripped).  This piece went from something that wasn't wanted anymore to something that would look lovely in any room!

I know, I  know.  If you're a wood lover I didn't change your mind ;), but just had to put my opinion out there!



It's funny because the first chest I had I asked on my FB page what color I should do and white won out.  I ended up doing it a khaki green and thought it looked so good.  But, secretly, I wanted to do white.  :)  So, I was glad that's what my client wanted for this one.  She also wanted it glazed.  Antiquing white is hard for me (it's so hard to slather brown stuff over that new, creamy white paint! AND because I'm a little bit of HuGe perfectionist and glazing is so imperfect), but I sucked it up and got it done! :)

I'm actually really glad we kept this one traditional.  The white, the glazing, and keeping the original hardware just fit this piece so well. 

Beautiful mahogany top and middle section.  Soooo pretty!!  

These details are just killer.  Love how they pop with the dark edges against the white. 

She's a beauty for sure!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Antique Headboard

This is the bed from the awesome set I told you about in this post.  My client wanted it to match this 
dresser I recently finished for her.  I love how painting two pieces, that don't belong together, the same color makes them feel like they do. :)



You get to see the inside of my wonderful garage!  I blurred out the mess for you.  
You're welcome.  ;)

It's got such pretty, warm tones to the wood and they look beautiful under this color.   I left the two raised pieces wood to tie into the top of the dresser. 

Pretty details.

 I seriously am in love with this footboard!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Little Table Redo

Quick post.  This little table was found on the roadside, just waiting to be picked up and loved by someone.  My client said she saw it when she was out running and ran home as fast as she could to get her car before someone else picked it up!  I can totally relate...well, not the running part, but the feeling! :)


I think it's seen better days!!


This has been my most popular color (other than black or white)!

 I adore these knobs and they instantly add a vintage feel.

 I left the old finish on because I love "alligator skin".  

She's ready for her new home!