Friday, September 27, 2013

Updated 80's dresser set

Another quick post. 

A friend found this oak set on CL for a good price.  It's solid and has beautiful detailing and I was so happy to give it an update (you know how I feel about oak, right??). ;)



Sorry, this is a terrible garage shot, but it was way too HEAVY for me to drag around to stage! You get the idea though. :)  It has a beautiful carved mirror that goes on top, too, and I'm hoping she'll send me a pic of it up in her room. 

*This one made me cry.  I finished it on Tuesday and put a sheet over it to protect it.  When I lifted the sheet off this afternoon to take pics (45 min before they were coming to pick it up) there were huge gouges out of the paint (probably from when I set the mirror on it, with the sheet on, a day after it was painted).  Moral of the story.  Wait for the paint to cure before putting heavy objects on your furniture! :)

 This is the other piece that was a little more manageable. 


I was happy to get it out of my garage and she was happy to get it into her bedroom, so win win!!

I'm done for the weekend! 

Cottage Cream Desk Redo

This was a quick custom redo yesterday.  My friend found the perfect computer desk, but wanted to give it a little facelift.  I know I've said it before, but it's so nice to work on a piece that doesn't need anything but a paint job! :)  We actually ended up just leaving the top (after giving it a good cleaning) because she wanted a wood top, but this wasn't actually wood (they make the fake stuff so good anymore sometimes it's hard to tell!).  I couldn't refinish it (no sanding!!) and it was really in very good shape so we left it as is. 



She loved these cup pulls (me too!) so we left them as is.  I just love how they pop against the cream now.

I've been waiting three years to cut my hydrangeas and I finally had enough guts to do it (I can't stand not leaving them on the bush because I love how they look outside too!).
Aren't the GooooRgEouS!! 

 Hello pretty ladies!!

Happy weekend everyone!

color = Cottage Cream SW

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ania's Desk

My 8 year old daughter informed me at the beginning of the school year that she would need a desk for her room to do her homework at.   

Ok, sweetie. ;)

The problem was her room is small (we have a 1.5 story so the ceilings are slanted making very little wall space to put furniture on).  I've been searching for a smaller desk that would fit in the space next to her bed.  A friend (who I am eternally indebted to for her business and furniture prowess) told me of a small desk on CL and she happened to be going through the town it was located in.  Score!

It's a little pine desk, but it's perfect for the space we have.  When Ania saw this dresser I just did she told me she would like her desk to be like that.  It's actually the perfect color for her room.  My friend dropped it off today around 10:30 and in the midst of doing two other projects I decided I would surprise Ania with it after school.  So, I busted my bum and got it done (along with both other projects!) .
She was so excited! :)  She even asked me to make up a homework sheet for her so she could sit at her new desk! lol


You can't tell but it had a truly horrible shellac job!


I thought it turned out really cute and she loves it!

 She asked me to leave the "to do list" on the top for her so she could accomplish them. ;)

 Of course, she wanted the same knobs because who wouldn't??!!

 I did the top of the stool in chalkboard paint too because I thought it would be fun and she says, "But, I don't walk chalk on my bum!"  Good point.  I told her to just not write on it if she's going to sit on it. ;)

Cute legs.

Now maybe we won't hear any complaining about doing homework....for a few days anyway! :)


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chippy Teal Dresser

I've had an idea brewing for a while now that I wanted to do on a dresser, but I was just waiting for the perfect piece to come along.  When I picked up this empire dresser I thought it was the one, but it sold right away (pre-paint) and I ended up doing it black.  Then another dresser came along and same story, just not black (hopefully that will be a post next week).  I was a little disheartened until this little beauty popped up on my local classifieds page.  I was so glad I didn't have the opportunity to paint the other two like I wanted because this one was so much better for my idea!  I absolutely believe there are no coincidences! :)

I know I've said before that I do a lot of black (and white) because that's what sells the best, but I told myself that for my birthday I was going to do a piece exactly how I wanted. :)

*pic heavy post (sorry, couldn't help it)!!


She was actually very lovely as is, but the top was really worn.


 I love this deep teal color (it's actually a little greener than the pics)!  Such a pretty jewel tone and so lovely with the dark top.  When I saw the dark finish (just LoVe a dark finish!) on the dresser I knew I wanted to really distress it.

I love the chippy look so I took my paint scraper to it!  I'm telling you, if you have the guts, it's so much FuN!! :)  It works best if the paint is very dry (doesn't haven't to be completely cured though).  Just gently run the paint scraper along the flat surfaces to "test" how the paint is going to come off.  If it seems like it's not coming off easily then you will need to use a little pressure.  It all depends on what kind of finish was on the dresser prior to painting and what kind of paint you are using.  I didn't scuff sand or prime this piece because I wanted the paint to come off easily.  It still was a little difficult and I had to use  more pressure.  Make sure your scraper is sharp and start at about a 20 degree angle.  If it seems like you are "gouging" the wood then lay the scraper flatter.

Like anything else it takes a little practice, but you will quickly get a feel for it.  For me distressing really is an art.  Some people like a lot and some people don't.  You aren't going to please everybody.  Do what you like and what makes you happy and (most) other people will love it, too! :)

The mirror was missing from the frame when I purchased it so I had my husband cut a piece of 1/4" board and used chalkboard paint (after two coats of primer) on it.  I like it so much more than a mirror!  Just think of the fun things you could use it for (think in an entry way as a memo board).

<3 the finial

I saw these knobs on a dresser that Chrissie from Chrissie's Collection had done and fell in love with them.  Seriously, so pretty!

Is it possible to be in love with a piece of furniture? Hmmm...

Such a simple, but great detail!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this beautiful top.  I stained in Espresso (Varathane) and gave it 4 coats of a satin poly. 

I happened to have enough of this pretty fabric left to line the drawers.  It's just perfect!

I am so thrilled with this one!!

*This sold an hour after I listed it and I was a little sad!! :(  But, I just keep telling myself I don't have a place to put it anyway and I can always paint something else this way if I want to, right??

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