Friday, September 27, 2013

Cottage Cream Desk Redo

This was a quick custom redo yesterday.  My friend found the perfect computer desk, but wanted to give it a little facelift.  I know I've said it before, but it's so nice to work on a piece that doesn't need anything but a paint job! :)  We actually ended up just leaving the top (after giving it a good cleaning) because she wanted a wood top, but this wasn't actually wood (they make the fake stuff so good anymore sometimes it's hard to tell!).  I couldn't refinish it (no sanding!!) and it was really in very good shape so we left it as is. 



She loved these cup pulls (me too!) so we left them as is.  I just love how they pop against the cream now.

I've been waiting three years to cut my hydrangeas and I finally had enough guts to do it (I can't stand not leaving them on the bush because I love how they look outside too!).
Aren't the GooooRgEouS!! 

 Hello pretty ladies!!

Happy weekend everyone!

color = Cottage Cream SW


  1. Love it, Lisa! The cream was a great choice. The pulls do stand out better and I like the two tone look with the stained top left as is. Thanks for sharing the color you used! : )

  2. It's beautiful! And I love the hydrangeas...!


  3. OMG - love this "new" old desk. What does SW mean in the color name? Your transformations are beautiful works of art. Pinned this one! I'm just getting into repainting furniture, starting out with small side tables. So far, so much fun! Can't wait to take on some larger pieces.

  4. What a difference! Such a pretty desk now - definitely a Must Pin!

  5. Oh my, that's GORGEOUS!!

    Very well done. I wish I could paint, I am so chicken.

    Love your hydrangeas. They'll dry and last forever pretty much, too.


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