Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Antique Desk

I bought this desk through a friend without seeing it before it showed up at my house.  I know.  Risky.  But, this was in pretty good shape except for the top.  I could not figure out what it was made of.  At first I thought it was leather and then after sanding a little bit on it realized it was particle board with some kind of funky paint job and top coat to make it look like leather.  It was damaged in a few spots (that were raised because of water I'm assuming), so I sanded them as smooth as I could and then just primed twice and painted.  You can still see the raised spots, but it's a used piece of furniture so it's not going to be perfect, right?

 I love the curvy drawers and top.  



It sold almost right away and she wanted a black, distressed finished.  I never get over how a little paint can update a piece.  :)

 Some of the drawers had ink stains in them so I just lined them with fabric.
I actually ended up changing the fabric on the chair, but didn't want to drag it out for another pic.
Lazy, lazy! :)

Simple little redo.

Hope everyone is having a great week! 
 It was gorgeous here today, so I am a happy camper! 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chippendale Night Stands

I redid my bedroom about a year ago (went a lot lighter).  Usually when I redecorate a room I can't wait to get it all filled up again, so I will make do with certain things even though they aren't exactly what I want.  This time I decided I would exercise a little patience and wait for just what I wanted.  Well, I'm kinda picky so my room has been pretty bare for the last year.  I've been looking for two matching night stands, but they needed to be a little narrower than most I've seen.  I've been keeping an eye out on CL and FINALLY I found two that I just love, and they are the perfect size!

I usually want to keep the things I redo and this time I get to!!  Woo hoo! :)


*these are only reproductions and were actually made in Indonesia.  

You can just imagine the happy dance I did when I found these, right? ;)

I've absolutely love the color of the radio cabinet and the desk/vanity I recently finished and it was the perfect color for an accent in my bedroom (even though hubby's not too keen on it!  I'm hoping he'll come around!).  


I lightly distressed all the details and then glazed them with stain/mineral spirits so it wasn't too heavy. 

I'm so in love with this soft green/blue!  

Now I can satisfy my leg/foot fetish every day and not even have to get out of bed to do it!   A ball and claw foot are my absolute favorite!!

These carved drawers are awesome, but I'm not really a gold kind of gal so the hardware just wasn't cuttin' it.   I simply sprayed the original hardware with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

<3 this back piece too!

Happy Hump Day!!

(I was afraid they might be a little tall, but they are perfect!  Craig came home and said, "You don't like them, right?" Lol!  I'm sure after a week he won't even notice them anymore. *fingers crossed!)

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Thank you ladies!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Antique Dresser #2 {this week}

This is the last of the pieces I picked up about a month ago.  I absolutely adore everything this beauty has going on.  It needed some work though.  Parts fell off, parts were falling off, and parts were a little wonky (does anyone else use that word??).  Oh, and it was full of nasty things like mouse droppings and spider eggs!  My diligent and oh-so-patient hubby hauled it to our shop for me and fixed it up and I gave it a good cleaning.  Now it's better than it ever was before!  

My client claimed it and said it was for her son so it received a modern update.  I think "he's" pretty sharp now! 



I actually like this stage.  I love seeing a piece at its ugliest because it makes me appreciate the after that much more. :)


This one I was feeling in black! So glad that's what she chose! 

I actually really like these simple knobs and I figured no boy wanted anything "cute"! ;)

It's just loaded with details and this is my favorite one!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  It's another softball tourny for us!

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