Thursday, May 30, 2013

Refinished French Furniture {Hometalk Clipboard}

I was so surprised when Alex @ Hometalk sent me an email regarding a recent table I had done.  She asked if I would be interesting in curating a board for Hometalk on refinished French furniture.  Of course, I said yes!! 

Refinishing furniture french style is so popular right now and I definitely have a huge soft spot for all things "frenchy" :).   I love the timeless look of an aged-to-perfection piece of furniture and the soft, worn colors (not to mention an incredible french graphic now and again!).

Check out these 15 amazing projects found on Hometalk (I found them by doing a search on Hometalk's page using "french furniture")!  You can also click the image below to go straight to my clipboard on Hometalk.

This Chalk Paint French China Hutch by Lorraine (Miss Flibbertigibbet) is a stunner for sure.  Loving the two-toned effect she used.  She decided this hutch needed a little extra something after she painted it and using an aging wax was just the key.  You can go here to see a few before and after pics.

What a sweet bench makeover shared by City Farmhouse on Hometalk.  Using soft colors and keeping it simple is the key to creating that French feel.  You can find more lovely pics here.

I just adore the layered look and old world feeling Janis achieved on this french style armoire.  Just gorgeous! Want this look?  Check out her turorial here.

Rachel shared this lovely dining set makeover.  She did such a wonderful job of giving this set some french flair for minimal cost (makeovers don't have to be expensive!)!  Check out her blog post.

Brush by MacDonald Wlodarski on Hometalk shares how she created a french look for this detailed cabinet.  You can grab the details here.

You can transform almost any piece of furniture with a little white paint and some distressing!  Check out this lovely little table from Martha Leone Design.  Achieving that french feel is as easy as 1-2-3 and she tells you how.

This totally blew me away.  Got an old tub you want to turn into a beautiful french settee (who doesn't, right?)??  Well she did.  Check out this amazing and fun transformation by Gypsy Barn on Hometalk.  

Karin @ Art is Beauty on Hometalk used graphics to transform this adorable little table into a French style vanity.  She used the freezer paper method.  Head on over to her blog to find out how you can do it, too!

Town and Country Living on Hometalk shared these faux French grain sack chairs.  These definitely define "less is more" by making a simple yet pretty statement. Have a hard time finding grain sacks (I do!)?  Check out her blog post to find out how she made them herself!  So easy!

Karin @ Art is Beauty turned this boring bar stool into this lovely shabby french stand with a little paint and a simple graphic.   Head on over to her blog to find out what colors she used to achieve this great look.  You will be inspired!

Shannon on Hometalk transformed a pallet into this unique and stunning ottoman!  Yes, from a pallet people!  Who says you can't mix industrial with a little French?!  Shannon proves you can!  Check out this fabulous project here.  

French Grain Sacks are all the rage and Painted Therapy on Hometalk shows us exactly why!  Isn't this little desk just adorable?!  Again, a simple stripe and a few added details on a background of soft white shows us all why we've fallen in love with fabulous french furniture!  Check out some more sweet pics here.

If this vanity from Cedar Hill Ranch isn't swoon worthy I don't know what is (excuse me while I wipe up a puddle of drool)!  Don't be envious--Anita tells us exactly how she got this french fab look!  Just click over to her blog to learn her secrets.

These last two are some of my own.  I love french script and I used the same stencil on these next two pieces.  

You might remember this vintage buffet from a while back.  It's still on of my favorites!

and the table that inspired Alex to contact me.

I just wanted to say "thank you" again for this wonderful opportunity to find so many talented women out there and to show of the results of their awesome creativity!

I hope you feel inspired to pick up a paint brush and transform a piece of your own!  

Depression Era Hutch II

I loved the first antique hutch I found.  I always wish I had two of everything, so I can see what they would look like painted differently.  I haven't been able to find very many good pieces lately so I practically jumped off my couch when I saw this beauty on CL! 

 I listed it as a piece available for refinishing even though I already had an idea what I wanted to do with it.  It sold right away and I was a little bummed because I didn't think I would get my way (haha ;) ).  Well, fate was smiling down on me again and my client and I were on the same page, so I got to do it how I wanted and have it sell right away!! Woo hoo! :)



You know what I'm going to say, right?  I la-la-la love it!!!

 Check out all those yummy legs!!

 She picked out a picture of a hutch done in Old White and Coco (ASCP) and I took it to Sherwin Williams and found colors that were close.  I ended up using Decor White and Virtual Taupe.  I loved the taupe but it was a little blah so I stained over it Dark Walnut and it made the color so rich.  It looks so good against all that creamy white.  

 Check out these stunning knobs.  There was no way I was going to change out this hardware.  They were looking a little rough so I just went over them with some Danish Oil in Dark Walnut.  It's a stain and sealer in one, so I just wiped on and wiped off.  Easy peasy!

 She wanted a pop of color inside so I used Duck Egg (the real thing).   When they built it they actually put the shelves in and then put the back on and let me tell you this is one solid piece off furniture--there was no way that back was coming off!  The shelves wouldn't come out so I had to paint around them.  Not so fun.  

 This is so my favorite part of the whole thing!   She has a great curvy skirt and this perfect little detail to set it off.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

This hutch was featured by Karen @ Redoux
Nita @ Mod Vintage Life
Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage
Sharon & Denise @ BeBetsy
Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule
Kelly & Kristi @ Lolly Jane
Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.
Deborah @ Green Willow Pond
Handy Man Crafty Woman

thanks so much ladies!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Going French

I mentioned last week that my mom was coming to visit me.  Well, she's gone already and I can't believe how quickly time goes by when I spend time with her. 

  I just want to say that I have the best mommy!  

A tradition of ours is to go flower shopping when she's here.  Last year she wasn't able to come and I had to do it by myself and it was no fun at all!  I'm so thankful we could go together this year!  Check out part of our haul!

This just makes me happy. :)

She helped me plant and my yard looks 1000 x's better.  Thank you mom!!  Just wish I could go home with her and return the favor! :(  

When we were done I asked her if she wanted to run into Goodwill with me and, of course, she said "Sure." cuz that's how good she is to me. ;)  We were in there for about 3 minutes and I found this cute little table with Queen Anne legs (you know how I love legs!).  I scooped that baby up and off we went. 



 I'm normally not a fan of "the fan" :), but I think it's such a great little detail on this table.

Seriously, there is just nothing like a pretty leg and she's got them (and cute little feet to boot!).  I made my mom rub them (lol!) and she said, "They do feel nice!"  Shhhh....don't tell! :)

 I had originally wanted to leave the top natural and just stain it dark (it actually had a pretty pattern in the veneer), but there were icky little spots after I had sanded and stained it.  I decided that leaving it natural was not an option so I decided to use my favorite stencil on it from Maison De Stencils.  I'm actually glad my original idea didn't work out!  I love how this looks.

I did one thin coat of cream over the parts I wanted to highlight and then sanded them back.  My son walked into the room before I had distressed it and said, "Is that just the first coat of the white stuff?"  I said, "Yes."  He said, "Oh, that's good, cuz it's ugly!" lol

Moral of the story?  If you hate it when you start.  Keep going.  If you hate it in the middle.  Keep going.  If you hate it when it's done.  Repaint. :)  It is very typical for me not to love a piece until it's distressed and the hardware is on.  I don't really like the look of new paint, but I recognize this about me, so I've stopped freaking out when it's painted and I hate it still.  I just tell myself it's like deep cleaning--things always look a mess before they look better. :)

She's soft and sweet!

color = mix between Intellectual Gray (SW) and Weimaraner (BM)

This table was featured by Karen @ Redoux Interiors.

Thanks Karen!

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