Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dragonfruit Dresser

My client messaged me and told me she found this cute little dresser on CL that she wanted redone.  I laughed when I realized it was the same dresser I had my eye on. :)  I've been in love with this color Dragonfruit for months now and knew I wanted to paint something (Ania's wall?) this color.  Turns out it was the perfect match for what she wanted.  Love when I get what I want. :)



color = Dragonfruit SW
poly = WoodClassics SW in gloss

Monday, July 30, 2012

Two-tone Antique Vanity/Desk

I'm not a big fan of art deco and I'm not a big fan of two-toned furniture.  So, why did I buy an art deco vanity and paint it two-toned you ask?  I have no idea, but I love it!  First of all, I was so happy when I started sanding the top and discovered it was wood and not veneer.  Yea!  Second of all, when I started painting it I realized it had more detail then I thought because it was hidden in all that different toned wood.  Yea!  Like I said, I usually don't really like a piece of furniture in two different colors, so I kept the body of this one a light grayish green and the drawers a crisp white, so there wasn't too much contrast--what can I say?  I'm not the kind of girl that jumps right into cold water either, it's one toe at a time people....Anyway--I really do love this piece and the little vanity chair was a find, too!  


 It makes me smile to think of the woman who reupholstered this and what she thought of her "project" when she was done.  I wonder if she jumped up and down like I do? :)

Before          After


 These drawers remind me of bead board. <3

 Love the chippy look on this.

The top on this desk is gorgeous.  I left some of the old marks in it just because I love the character it gives it.

 Searched high and low for a fabric I could even tolerate and that would go with this color.  I came back to this one--so glad I did.  Although figuring out how to recover the seat has been a big ol' pain in the neck.  It took me longer to do that than it did to paint the whole darn thing!

color = Rainwashed SW & stock white SW

Dimensions:  41"W x 17"D x 29"H

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Antique Dresser

This little chest of drawers has been in my shop for a while now because it needed a lot of help.  The veneer was peeling off the top and one of the drawer bottoms needed to be replaced (along with some other minor issues).  I've had this baker's rack in my dining room that I've been wanting to replace and the more I stared at this dresser the more I wanted it for my own.  So, I painted it and moved it in! :)

I accidentally posted the wrong "before" dresser and deleted the actual before of this dresser. :(  It was two-toned wood and pretty dated looking.  So, straight to the "after"!! :)


 gotta love these!

 I didn't like these details at all before, but now that they're black I really like them.  

Love these soft brown knobs contrasted against the black.

I had the boys bring it in last night and every time I see it I'm doing my internal happy dance! ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cedar Chest Makeover

I think this is my fourth cedar chest (this one was screaming "I'm from the 80's!!") and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it.  I love doing colors, but neutral seems to sell better. ;)  So, I went back and forth between black and white and then found this fabric I loved which decided her fate (for now). :)



dimensions:  45"W x 17"D x 18"H

Friday, July 6, 2012

Apple Green--Finally!

Ania came to me the other day and said, "Mom, I would like an apple green piece of furniture for my room."  That's my girl!  Went to a rummage and found this cute little antique cabinet that the couple had been using for a tv stand.  She asked me every day for a week when I could paint it (been a busy week in the shop) and when I came home today and showed her the green paint on my fingers she smiled a huge smile and said, "You did it!"  <3

I'm telling you I am a sucker for legs.  If this didn't have such cute legs I would have passed it right up!


Apple green (the apple green in my mind) is so hard to find.  So, I literally took a green apple I had and mixed my own paint until I matched the color.  It was perfect and, best of all, the little sweetie it's for loved it too!

Ania and I picked these cobalt blue rosettes (come on, how can you beat that??) out together.  Could they be any prettier?  I don't think so.  LOVE them! :)

 Oh yeah!

 She was in the shop the other day and says, "Mom, the distressing on this one is so pretty."  I'm telling you--I love this girl!

It fits perfectly in its new spot.  Yea!