Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Buffet

We put in new windows this summer and I ended up replacing my dining room windows with a french sliding door (with a deck outside-which I love!).

My old computer desk, which happens to have been 15 years old and from Walmart, looked like cRaP! next to my lovely new door so I decided it was time to do a new (to me) piece of furniture for myself that was more appropriate for my space. 

Along came this buffet which I knew would be perfect for my dining room! Yea!


 My dear, sweet, hunting crazed hubby stuck my camera card, with the before pic on it, in his hunting camera which hangs on a tree half mile back in the woods.  To make it up to me he drew me a before pic. :)  It's pretty accurate minus the dead flowers on top and broken legs. ;)  

Hats off to the artist! 


The buffet is solid oak (you know how I feel about oak!  Oh, you don't?  I hate painting it!!-only because the wood grain is so open that it doesn't leave a nice, smooth surface when finished).  On the door fronts there were actually etching in the wood grain that created a pattern.  I didn't want that so I ended up filling all three doors with wood filler and dry wall plaster. They actually came out really well!

I distressed it a little heavier so all the pretty wood tones would show through.

The knobs were in the centers of the doors so I wanted something a little bigger and bolder.  I love these clock faces!

 I am still a sucker for feet and legs, so love these!

For not being an oak lover I thought this to turned out nicely. It was a little warped on the backside, but I knew it would be covered up anyway so didn't worry about it too much.

I love that I finally have a buffet of my own! :)


  1. This is stunning. I love this piece and your new finish is amazing. Gorgeous. Hugs, marty

  2. The before "picture" is hysterical!!! I love this piece--it came out perfect! Good for you for painting something for yourself.

  3. Okay, this is absolutely beautiful!


  4. Switching your dining room windows to a French sliding door was a great idea. Now you have easy access to your outdoor deck. Were you the one who made the decision of replacing it? Anyhow, your buffet looks great. It looks a bit aged but the elegance is still present.
    Jannet Gassaway @ Walker Contracting


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