Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Desk and chair makeover

The before picture of this desk is pretty graphic. :o  Have you ever noticed that when you decide to do major cleaning it always looks way worse before it looks better.  This is kind of like that. :) 


When I went to prep it I found all the veneer was cracked and peeling. There were trim pieces on the front of the drawer, so I removed them, peeled all the veneer off, sanded, and replaced the trim pieces.  There were two layers off veneer on the top and it was too damaged to fix, so we replaced the entire top.


The chair was painted with an oil base paint and hadn't been primed, so I was able to remove the paint by sanding and scraping it.  It took forever and I ended up stabbing myself with the chisel.  I dutifully ignored the blood on the shop floor and kept sanding.  Craig says I'm not allowed to use the tools anymore. ;)


color = Samover Silver SW

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